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Voided Payments

The /payments/{guid} endpoint can return data for voided payments. A void is a payment that has been fully or partially voided. Voids can be issued on the entire check or on one or more specific items.

With one exception, any payment can be voided. The exception is a credit card payment that has been captured (the payment cannot be voided but can be refunded).

In the return data for a voided payment, the Payment object includes a VoidInformation object that contains details of the void operation.

The following example shows the JSON response data for a voided cash payment.

Example of a Voided Cash Payment

  "guid": "2f20387c-2b39-4c67-8898-b3faccb3ce06",
  "entityType": "OrderPayment",
  "externalId": null,
  "originalProcessingFee": null,
  "amount": 42.8,
  "tipAmount": 0,
  "amountTendered": 42.8,
  "cashDrawer": {
    "guid": "30795302-5fc9-461c-b314-ac8ea6e55cd5",
    "entityType": "CashDrawer",
    "externalId": null
  "cardType": null,
  "lastModifiedDevice": {
    "id": "7c664bbbb33913bd"
  "refundStatus": "NONE",
  "houseAccount": null,
  "type": "CASH",
  "voidInfo": {1
    "voidUser": {2
      "guid": "9659c962-7a8a-43ec-9343-47cafb68e83b",
      "entityType": "RestaurantUser",
      "externalId": null
    "voidApprover": {3
      "guid": "9659c962-7a8a-43ec-9343-47cafb68e83b",
      "entityType": "RestaurantUser",
      "externalId": null
    "voidDate": "2020-02-18T19:24:56.311+0000",4
    "voidBusinessDate": 20200218,5
    "voidReason": null6 
  "otherPayment": null,
  "mcaRepaymentAmount": null,
  "createdDevice": {
    "id": "7c664bbbb33913bd"
  "paidDate": "2020-02-18T18:10:28.187+0000",7
  "cardEntryMode": null,
  "paymentStatus": "VOIDED",8
  "paidBusinessDate": 20200218, 
  "last4Digits": null, 
  "refund": null


The VoidInformation object with details of the void.


The restaurant employee who voided the check or the item. The guid value lists the unique Toast POS identifier of the employee. For details on retrieving information about employees, see Getting All Employees of a Restaurant.


The restaurant employee who approved the void. The employee approving the void may be the same person who voided the payment.


The date and time when the payment was voided.


The business date when the payment was voided.


The pre-configured void reason that was specified for the void. The value is null if a void reason was not specified.


The date and time when the original (pre-void) payment was made.


The current status of the payment, which is VOIDED for voided payments.