Miscellaneous payment workflow changes

The following sections provide information about general payment workflow changes.


The changes to the payment workflow are in limited release and do not affect all Toast platform restaurant locations.

POS session timeouts

If the POS device experiences a session timeout (normally caused by five minutes of inactivity) in the middle of a payment workflow, the payment is completed to the extent that it is possible. The POS app submits the payment for authorization (as a background job) if it has not yet been submitted, and skips all remaining steps of the payment workflow. For example, the POS app will not prompt for an emailed receipt or rewards sign-up.

After handling a POS session timeout, the POS app will leave the check as though the payment had been completed normally. The check state is open, paid, or closed, depending on whether your restaurant has digital receipts enabled and/or whether the payment was for the full outstanding balance of the check.

Guest facing display

If the restaurant is using a guest-facing display, but the display becomes disconnected in the middle of a payment, the POS app will recover automatically when you reconnect the display.

Guest pay card reader

If your restaurant uses a guest-facing card reader (guests insert or swipe their own cards), and the device experiences a hardware error while trying to enable the guest reader for a payment, a dialog box appears to notify the restaurant employee of the error.

Loyalty rewards after payment declined

If a guest redeems loyalty points to pay for only part of the outstanding balance, but then a credit card used to pay for the remaining balance is declined, the POS app correctly applies the rewards to subsequent payments.

POS app version 2.44 changes

  • Previous versions of the Toast POS app did not apply the rewards discount to any subsequent payment attempt after a partial payment using redeemed loyalty points and a partial payment attempt with a declined credit card. The check remained open with an outstanding balance equal to the amount the loyalty points would have covered.