Credit card payment workflow

The credit card payment workflow has changed in version 2.44 of the POS app. The following sections describe the new credit card payment workflow.


The changes to the payment workflow are in limited release and do not affect all Toast platform restaurant locations.

Guest signatures no longer captured

The POS app no longer captures guest signatures as a part of the credit card payment workflow.

Full EMV payments do not use new workflow

If your Toast POS device uses an Ingenico™ card reader to process full EMV payments, the credit card payment workflow is not affected by the changes included in version 2.44 of the POS app. You use the previous credit card payment workflow to process full EMV payments.

Guest card lookup

If your restaurant uses Toast loyalty and is configured to allow guests to redeem loyalty points, in the first step of the credit card payment workflow, the POS app determines whether the credit card being used for payment is associated with a rewards account.

If the cloud components of the Toast platform do not respond to the rewards account inquiry within five seconds, the POS app skips this step.

POS app version 2.44 changes

  • Previous versions of the Toast POS app allowed guests to abort the payment.

Rewards redemption

If the credit card is associated with a rewards account, and if the account has enough points accrued to redeem a reward, Rewards Redemption will be displayed. If multiple rewards are available, the guest selects the rewards they want to redeem.

If the selected reward fully covers the outstanding balance of the check, the POS device skips the rest of the workflow.

Tip entry

If the restaurant has enabled tips for credit card payments, the tip entry screen opens. If the order has an automatic gratuity applied, the POS device suggests additional tip amounts. Otherwise, depending on the restaurant's configuration and the payment amount, tip suggestions may be fixed dollar amounts or a percentage of the payment amount.

This screen has a different layout structure for handheld devices.

The guest may also choose to enter a custom tip amount. Once they've entered this screen, typing in an amount and pressing "Done" will proceed to the next step of the workflow (and not back to the list of preconfigured tip suggestions).

POS app version 2.44 changes

  • Previous versions of the Toast POS app included different Legacy Tip and Combined Tip & Signature screens.

Payment processing

If a payment is a foreground payment (fast processing is not enabled and the device has a network connection), and your restaurant has not enabled Allow receipt option screen during authorization, the payment processing screen appears after the tip entry screen. If your restaurant has enabled Allow receipt option screen during authorization, this screen will appear after Digital Receipt Options and Guest Feedback if the payment is still undergoing authorization. If the payment is a background payment, this screen will never appear.

If the payment is not authorized within three seconds, extra options appear at the bottom of the screen. If you choose the Cancel Payment option, a confirmation dialog box opens that allows you to cancel the payment entirely. Choosing the Process in Background option opens a confirmation dialog box and allows you to convert the payment to a background payment, which allows the workflow to proceed immediately. You must have permission to perform this operation.

If the payment is authorized, but for an amount less than the check amount (partial authorization), a warning dialog box appears on top of the current screen.

Resolve payment issues

If the payment is declined (for example, not authorized), the Resolve Payment Issues screen appears. This screen indicates the credit card payment failure and provides two options for continuing the workflow. You can choose Cancel Payment to abort the workflow and return to the previous screen. You can choose Try Another Card to return to the start of the Credit Card Payment Prompt and try another form of payment.

POS app version 2.44 changes

  • Previous versions of the Toast POS app allowed restaurant employees to swipe a credit card to retry without tapping a button.

  • Previous versions of the Toast POS app did not redirect restaurant employees to the start of the payment prompt.

Balance due updated

The POS app interrupts the payment workflow if the check balance due is updated by a payment on a different Toast POS device. The interruption screen informs the restaurant employee that the check has been partially or fully paid and that the payment will be canceled.

The following diagrams show the balance due updated interruption screen.