Initiating credit card payments

The way that you enter the Toast platform payment workflow has changed in version 2.44 of the POS app.

Payment workflow initiation has changed when you:

  1. Choose the Pay ($) button on the order screen.

  2. Choose the Credit button on the payment screen.

Payment workflow initiation has not changed when you:

  • Swipe or insert a credit card from an ordering screen.


The changes to the payment workflow are in limited release and do not affect all Toast platform restaurant locations.

Payment instructions screen

This screen lists the breakdown of charges for the payment about to be made. Depending on the capabilities of the reader connected to the POS device, as well as whether or not EMV payments have been enabled, the instructions at the top of the screen will change.

If the guest provides a credit card that fails validation (for example, an expired card), an error message will appear on this screen.

POS app version 2.44 changes

  • Previous versions of the Toast POS app did not display payment breakdown information.

  • Previous versions of the Toast POS app displayed validation errors as dialog boxes.

Reading card screen

If the guest is paying with a chip card, the Reading Card screen appears once the chip is inserted into the reader.

Application ID (AID) selection

If the chip card is a dual-interface card (for example, the card supports both credit and debit modes), the POS app prompts guests to select which interface to use for the transaction.

EMV double-dip protection

If a guest uses a chip card to make two payments in a row, a confirmation dialog box appears asking the guest to verify that they intended to make two back-to-back payments with the same card.

Background payment authorization

If a POS device does not have a network connection at the time a card is swiped, dipped, or tapped, a background payment will be attempted.

If your restaurant is configured to prevent background payments, the POS device displays an error dialog box. Otherwise, the behavior depends on the permissions of the restaurant employee who is currently signed in to the POS device.

  • If the restaurant employee has permission to take background payments, a confirmation dialog box is displayed.

  • If the restaurant employee does not have permission to take background payments, a manager approval dialog box is displayed.

Remove card

If you use a chip card to make the payment, and all the previous steps were successful, the final screen prompts the guest to remove the chip card from the reader. When the card is physically removed from the reader, the payment proceeds into the credit card payment workflow.

If a guest's credit card is not removed within five seconds, a Continue button appears at the bottom of the screen. Choosing this button forces the workflow to proceed even if the card is still inserted in the reader.

POS app version 2.44 changes

  • Previous versions of the Toast POS app did not pause the workflow until the guest removed the card from the reader.