Third-party online ordering partner toggles


To access the third-party online ordering configuration pages, you must have the 6.6 Restaurant Operations Setup permission. To publish your changes, you must have the 6.4 Publishing permission. From Toast Web, choose Employees > Employee management > Jobs to open the Jobs page. Select the job title to edit the permissions. For more information about permissions, see POS access "mode" permissions.

The Toast platform integrates with various third-party online ordering partners such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub. You can choose to turn on or off third-party online ordering partners on the Third party ordering page in Toast Web. To open the Third party ordering section, choose Takeout & delivery > Third party ordering. Select the third-party online ordering partner and toggle the setting from On to Off to turn off that partner. Turning off a partner means that guests cannot place orders through that partner. To allow online orders from the third-party online ordering partner, toggle the setting from Off to On.

To turn on or off a third-party online ordering partner

  1. Access Toast Web .

  2. Choose Takeout & delivery > Third party ordering.


    The default setting for third-party online ordering partners is On in Toast Web.

  3. Select the third-party online ordering partner you want to turn off. Toggle the setting to Off. You can toggle multiple partners on and off. To turn the partner back on, toggle the setting from Off to On.

  4. Select the Publish all changes button to save your changes. The Confirm Publish dialog box appears.

  5. Select the Publish button to publish your changes or the Cancel button to cancel the dialog box.