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Reporting 2.28

The following sections provide information about changes that affect reporting information and functionality.


The following sections provide information about new and improved functionality.

New Break Entries Report

This release adds the Break Entries report, which provides information on breaks your employees have taken, including the type of break and the start and end times. If you have the Edit Time Entries permission, the report also includes a link for each break that allows you to view and edit the time entry during which the break was taken.

To view this new report, in the Toast administration back-end select Reports > Labor, and then select the Break Entries tab.

Net Sales by Date Report in Sales Analytics Includes Day of Week Filter

When you select the Analytics > Sales Analytics report, the Net Sales by Date chart now includes a new View filter that you can use to limit the data shown to a specific day−or days−of the week. This example shows a chart of year-to-date net sales for Mondays only.

The Day of Week filter controls above the Net Sales by Date chart.

For a non-comparative report for a time period longer than one month, you can now switch from the Net Sales by Date chart to a new overview report. This report has a column for each day of the week, and a row with the total for each month. You can expand the row for a month to review net sales data for each week in that month, or expand the entire report. This example shows weekly data for January.

The new overview report with the switch control and Expand and Collapse All controls.


The following sections provide information about fixed problems.

Sales Summary Report Turn Time Rounding

A rounding error that affected how the Sales Summary reported turn times is now corrected. The system no longer rounds an average turn time of exactly 1:00:00 down to 0:00:00.

Deposits Reports for Amex OptBlue Customers

For customers who are now a part of the Amex OptBlue program, the Reports > Deposits overview and daily breakdown reports present the payments, fees, and other data from American Express in a new reporting format, summed with the data for Visa/MasterCard/Discover. In error, the new report layout and computations for OptBlue were applied even when the Deposits reports were prepared for a period of time prior to when the customer’s participation in OptBlue began. In this release, the reporting format for American Express direct merchants is now correctly applied to reporting periods through the date OptBlue participation began. A subsequent release will address differences in the computations made for historical reporting periods.

Inventory Reports Perform More Reliably

Reports in the inventory module are less likely to experience occasional failure to load inventory information. Previously, in rare situations during heavy load on the Toast POS system, inventory reports failed to load correctly.

Enterprise Groups and Restaurant Names Alphabetized

Throughout the Toast administration back-end, drop-down lists now use alphabetical order to present an enterprise's restaurant group and individual location names. For example, when you select Report > Summary and then specify the restaurants to report, the drop-down list alphabetizes the restaurant groups and within each group alphabetizes the locations. Restaurant groups are shown in the list first, followed by individual locations that don't belong to a specific restaurant group.

Sorting the Waste Worksheet

For Menusphere/Inventory customers, the column sorting controls on the Waste Worksheets report now work as expected. Previously, the column sorting controls did not change the order of the worksheet rows.

Units for Waste Worksheet

For Menusphere/Inventory customers, waste worksheet items measured in the item's mapping unit now correctly display in the variance report item details.

Gift Card Account Numbers Shown on Liability Report

In this release, the Gift/Rewards report again shows account numbers for gift cards on the Gift Card Liabilities page. A previous change inadvertently removed gift card account numbers from the Gift Card Liabilities page.

Customer Credit Report Loads After Employee Deleted

The customer credit report now loads properly even if the Toast user account of the restaurant employee who added or approved a customer credit in the report is deleted. Previously, deleting the user account for an employee who added or approved a customer credit amount included in the report would prevent the report from opening.

Orders API Gets Sales Information More Efficiently

The orders API is now able to return large amounts of historical order information more efficiently. Previously, queries such as pulling nightly sales with a large order volume could cause rare API request failures.

Combo Discount Amounts Appear Correctly in Reports

The discount amounts for checks that include combo discounts now report the correct discount amount in the discounts total sections of the Order Details display and reporting screens of the Toast administration back-end web site. Previously, item discounts appeared correctly in reports but the total discount amounts for checks did not show those discounts. This change corrects reporting behavior for new restaurant sales. It does not correct the reporting behavior for sales that occurred before the fix.