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Employees 2.29

The following sections provide information about changes that affect the way restaurant management interacts with employees.


The following sections provide information about new and improved functionality.

Missed Break Tracking and Break Acknowledgements

To support states that have labor laws that involve penalties and require employee compensation when employees miss breaks, the Toast POS system includes the missed break tracking feature. This feature allows you to configure a break so that the Toast POS system tracks when an employee does not take it. In addition, the Toast POS system's break acknowledgement feature prompts employees to indicate whether they were asked to take breaks during their shift and records their responses. Combined with missed break tracking, this information allows you to see if employees are missing breaks because they were not asked to take them.

For more information about missed break tracking and break acknowledgements, see Employee breaks overview.

Enhanced Security for Password Changes

This release makes the process of changing passwords in the Toast administration back-end more secure. When you change your own or an employee's password you are now prompted to re-enter your password before continuing.

  • To change your own password, you select your name at the top right and then Change Password.

  • If you have Restaurant Admin and Account Admin access permissions, you can change the passwords of other restaurant employees by selecting Labor > Employees > (the employee's name) > Account Security > Change Password.


The following sections provide information about fixed problems.

Overriding Permissions in Enterprise Environments Works Correctly

Previously, the order in which you assigned jobs and gave restaurant access to an employee could cause undesirable behavior with respect to permission assignment. Specifically, if you gave an employee access to a location (using the Restaurant Access tab) AFTER assigning a job to the employee, the employee's permissions for the assigned job at that location were recorded as overridden permissions, not inherited permissions. This meant that, if you subsequently modified the job to change its permissions, the employee's overridden permissions would stay in place and changes to the job's permissions were ignored. This release fixes the permission overrides problem. Now, you can give an employee access to a location either before or after assigning a job to the employee and the employee's permissions will be correctly inherited from the assigned job.

Attempt to Create an Employee with the Same Passcode as an Existing Employee Results in Warning

In some circumstances, creating a user with the same passcode as an existing user caused the Toast administration back-end to crash instead of warning you that an existing user is already using the passcode. This problem has been resolved.

Validation While Creating a New User Requests the Correction of Invalid Fields

In some circumstances, the Toast administration back-end would respond with an undefined error when validating the form submitted during new user creation, instead of prompting the user to correct the invalid fields. This problem has been resolved.