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Guests 2.29

The following sections provide information about changes that affect the guest experience at a restaurant.


The following sections provide information about new and improved functionality.

New Configuration Option for Modifiers on Guest Receipts

A new configuration option, Item modifiers, is now available on the Marketing > Receipt Setup page.

  • When Item modifiers is set to Always display item modifiers (which is the default), then guest receipts list any modifiers to an item indented on the next receipt line(s).

  • When Item modifiers is set to Don't display item modifiers then no modifiers are shown on receipts. Priced modifiers always have their price added to the "parent" item.

To make all of the configuration options that affect the appearance of modifiers on guest receipts easier to use, when you set the new Item modifiers configuration option to Always display item modifiers, additional configuration options for Modifier Prices and Free Item Modifiers now appear immediately below it.

  • These configuration options were previously labeled Hide Modifier Prices and Free Modifiers.

  • There is no change to the effect that these two options have on the appearance of modifiers on guest receipts.

When you set the new Item modifiers option to Don't display item modifiers, these additional options do not appear. The order of the configuration options on this page has been changed to group related options more effectively.

New Configuration Option for Single Item Quantities on Guest Receipts

A new configuration option is now available to control whether a count appears on guest receipts for items purchased singly. The Marketing > Receipt Setup page now includes the new Display Item Quantity configuration option, with settings of either Always display item quantity or Don't display quantity on single items. The default setting is Don't display quantity on single items.

Promotion Information and Survey Codes Can Be Added to Guest Receipts

This release includes two new receipt configuration options called Promo Area and Survey Code on Receipts, which are available in the Advanced properties section of the Home > Receipt Setup page. The Promo Area configuration option lets you communicate with guests about promotions you are offering. Text you enter in the Promo Area option appears above the receipt footer. Setting the Survey Code on Receipts configuration option to Show survey code adds a 15-digit survey code to the bottom of printed receipts that guests can enter on third-party survey sites.

These options can be used together, as described above, or independently. You can use the Promo Area configuration option to explain how to use the survey code (for example, "go to this third-party website and enter the code below") or, alternatively, to inform guests of promotions that do not use survey codes. For more information, see this Toast Central article.

Explanatory Text on Receipts Describes How Suggested Tips Are Calculated

If the Suggested Tips on Printed Receipts configuration option is Enabled, explanatory text now appears beneath the suggested tips section on the receipt that describes how the suggested tips are calculated. The explanatory text covers four scenarios, depending on the configuration options you have chosen for calculating suggested tips:

  • Tip percentages are based on the check price before taxes.

  • Tip percentages are based on the check price after taxes.

  • Tip percentages are based on the check price before discounts and taxes.

  • Tip percentages are based on the check price before discounts and after taxes.

Printing Receipts from a Laser Printer

You can now print receipts to your laser printer from the Toast administration back-end. To print a receipt to a laser printer, log in to the Toast administration back-end and, under the Manager section, click Check Printing. This brings you to the checking printing view where you see a list of checks for the current day. Click the Show PDF button to generate and view a PDF of a check that you can then print.

BOGO Discount Can Be Combined with Other Discounts

When you are configuring a BOGO (buy one get one) discount, the Discount Rules section of the Discounts configuration screen now contains an Allow with other discounts option. Enabling this option allows the BOGO discount to be used in conjunction with other discounts.

Total Quantity Configuration Only Available For Fixed Check Discounts with Specific Item Triggers

The Total Quantity discount configuration control is no longer available for:

  • Fixed check discounts that apply to any menu items

  • Fixed item discounts

The Total Quantity control sets the number of items that qualify for a discount. Fixed item discounts do not support item quantity requirements. Previously, the Total Quantity control was visible on the discount configuration screen for fixed item discounts but had no effect on those discounts.


The following sections provide information about fixed problems.

Minimum and Maximum Check Price Rules Work With Combo Discounts

You can now apply minimum and maximum check price rules for combo discounts. An error that prevented the discount from saving correctly has been fixed. You can now apply minimum and maximum check price rules to combo discounts.

Switching Discount Type from Combo to BOGO Displays Correct Default BOGO Configuration

When you switch the type of a discount from combo to BOGO, the default values for the discount amount are now valid. Previously, switching the type from combo to BOGO resulted in empty discount amount values, which are not valid for a BOGO discount.

Pasting Discount GUIDs into the Discount Configuration Screen Address Bar Works Correctly

Previously, in the Toast administration back-end, the breadcrumbs you see at the top of the discount details page were not updated with the correct discount name when you switched discounts by manually pasting a discount's GUID into the URL. The steps that led to this problem were:

  1. View the details page for a discount and copy its GUID.

  2. View the details page for a second discount.

  3. Manually modify the URL by replacing the GUID at the end of the URL with the GUID you copied.

This problem has been resolved.

Improved Reliability for Quick Order with Combo Discounts

This release includes an improvement to the reliability of the Toast POS app. Previously, while editing an order with a combo discount via Quick Order, a race condition could occur that would cause the Toast POS app to crash. This issue has been resolved.

Default Modifiers No Longer Appear Incorrectly on Receipts

This release corrects an error in the way that default modifiers appeared on receipts when the UI Options > Show Default Modifiers configuration option was set to No. While kitchen tickets and order details listed modifiers correctly (that is, default modifiers did not appear), receipts did list the default modifiers prefixed by the word "NO". Receipts now list modifiers correctly based on the specified configuration settings.

Combo Discounts With Negative Discount Amount Shown in Order Details

Combo discounts that result in a negative discount amount for menu items now appear in the order details dialog in the Toast administration back-end. If the sum of the item prices that qualify for a combo discount is lower than the combo discount price, the discount amount for each item is negative. Previously, in this situation, the combo discount did not appear in the order details display in the Toast administration back-end.

Error Corrected for Publishing Changes to Discount Reasons

This release corrects a "publishing failed" error that could occur when you attempt to publish changes to discount reasons from the Toast administration back-end. Previously, archiving a discount reason could result in the Toast POS system failing to assign an internal identification value to every discount reason. Now, the system handles missing identifiers without causing a publication error.