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Integrations 2.29

The following sections provide information about changes that affect the way a restaurant uses and exchanges information with services that are connected to the Toast POS system but not provided by Toast.


The following sections provide information about new and improved functionality.

Controls for Upcoming Integration Partner Configuration

The way that you choose which integration partner services have access to your restaurant is changing. Integration partners provide restaurant services such as labor scheduling or online ordering that are connected to your Toast POS system through APIs. Some aspects of the new configuration functionality for integration partners are already in place.

  • The way that integration partners authenticate and use Toast APIs has changed. Now partners only need one set of authentication credentials. Previously, partners needed authentication credentials for each restaurant management group.

  • A new access permission named Manage Integrations controls whether a restaurant employee can open and configure the integration partner services that have access to a restaurant group. Note: the Toast administration back-end configuration options for managing integrations are not currently available.

  • The way that Toast support teams configure integration partner services for restaurants is more efficient. Future changes will allow setting up a new integration between a restaurant and a partner without intervention by the Toast support team.

Additional parts of the new integration partner service configuration functionality will be included in future Toast POS system releases.

Menu JSON Export Includes minSelections Value for Modifier Groups

The menu JSON export now includes the minSelections value for modifier groups. This value determines the minimum number of selections a customer must make for the modifier group. This field only applies to modifier groups that have the Required configuration option set to Servers must make a selection for this group and their Multi-select configuration option set to More than one modifier can be chosen. For more information, see Menus.