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Money 2.29

The following sections provide information about changes that affect the way a restaurant receives payments.


The following sections provide information about new and improved functionality.

Tax Table and Penny Rounding Configuration Changes

This release includes these configuration improvements for creating tax rates:

  • You can now configure percent tax rates to use one of four penny-rounding methods. This allows you to specify the rounding behavior of the percent tax rate when tax amounts include fractional pennies.

  • A new tax table rate is available for restaurants located in states that use tax tables made up of tax brackets.

For more information about creating tax rates, see Taxes overview.

Toast POS Devices Include Pricing Support for an Upcoming Tax Calculation Algorithm Change

The pricing behavior used by Toast POS devices now includes support for an upcoming, new tax calculation algorithm. The new tax calculation algorithm will be included in a future release.


The following sections provide information about fixed problems.

Tax Rounding Behavior Inconsistency Corrected

A problem that caused specific POS devices to use a different tax rounding behavior than the web components of the Toast POS system has been fixed. Previously, a rare condition caused individual POS devices to use an older rounding algorithm than the one used by the latest Toast POS system tax rounding behavior. This might result in a one-cent difference in a check price between the POS device and the Toast administration back-end. When the difference increased the check price by one cent, this problem caused checks to re-open with the one cent balance due.

Toast POS App Uses Half Even Rounding for Tax Rates That Do Not Specify a Rounding Type

Previously, the Toast POS app used the half up rounding option as its default rounding option for older tax rates that did not specify a rounding type. This is in contrast to the Toast administration back-end, which uses the half even rounding option. The difference between the two rounding approaches could cause unpaid checks when the checks were repriced in the Toast administration back-end. To solve this problem, the Toast POS app has been updated to use the half even rounding option. For information about rounding options, see Rounding options.

Corrected Computation of Distance-Based Delivery Charges

This release includes corrections to the computation of delivery service charges. Previously, a restaurant employee could manually apply a service charge for delivery that was different from the automatically-calculated delivery service charge, which is based on the distance to the delivery address. In certain circumstances, the system did not recompute the service charge when the check was sent or printed, and both delivery service charges remained on the check. Now, the Toast POS app re-evaluates all delivery charges and applies only the distance-based service charge. The Toast POS app does not remove any other, non-delivery service charges that employees manually select and apply to delivery orders.

Credit Card Payments are Captured for Inactive Restaurants

The credit card payment capturing process now automatically captures payments for restaurants that are inactive more reliably. Previously, the automatic capturing process did not capture payments for inactive restaurants in some situations.

For example:

  • A restaurant might take credit card payments during a business day and then become inactive during an initial Toast POS system testing period.

  • A restaurant might take credit card payments during a business day and then become inactive because it no longer uses the Toast POS system.

Warning for Partial Authorization of Gift Cards on Devices Configured for Printed Receipts

If you use accept a gift card to pay a check and the gift card has a remaining balance greater than $0.00 but less than the check amount, a Confirm Partial Payment dialog warns you about the partial authorization if the Toast POS device is configured to use digital receipts. Previously, the warning dialog did not appear if the device was configured for printed (non-digital) receipts.

In this release, the Confirm Partial Payment dialog displays on the POS device for both digital and printed receipts.

Gray Screen Condition When Using LevelUp Has Been Resolved

Previously, in some conditions, a gray screen appeared when attempting LevelUp™ scan transactions. Specifically, if you started a LevelUp scan transaction and used a bad QR code that caused the transaction to fail, then initiated a second scan but canceled before the scan was complete, you would see a gray screen. This problem has been resolved.