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Reporting 2.29

The following sections provide information about changes that affect reporting information and functionality.


The following sections provide information about new and improved functionality.

Increased Limit for Gift Card and Rewards Exports

You can now export up to 100,000 gift card or rewards records from the Gift Cards report or the Rewards Accounts report into a Microsoft® Office Excel® file. In previous releases, you could not export more than 50,000 records. Both reports are available in Reports > Gift/Rewards from the Toast administration back-end.


Exports from other Gift/Rewards reports (such as Gift Card Transactions or Rewards Transactions) are still limited to 50,000 records.

Internal Toast Administrator Device Report Includes KDS Course Column

The Device Details report in the internal Toast administrator section of the Toast administration back-end now includes a Ticket Display Options (Courses) column next to the existing Ticket Display Options (Dining Options) column. If a KDS (kitchen display screen) device is configured to display specific courses, this column shows those courses, otherwise, it is null. For example, a KDS device might display only menu items that are part of an Appetizer course. The Device Details report is only available to internal Toast administrator users.


The following sections provide information about fixed problems.

Devices No Longer Remain Associated with Archived Revenue Centers

This release includes an improvement that prevents orders from being erroneously attributed to an archived revenue center. Devices that are assigned to a revenue center now automatically verify that that revenue center has not been archived. Previously, devices did not perform this explicit check and orders could be attributed to an archived revenue center.

Break Entries Report Does Not Include Break Entries Associated with Deleted Time Entries

Previously, if you deleted a time entry that had break entries associated with it, the break entries were not deleted and would continue to appear in the Break Entries tab of the Labor report. This issue has been fixed and the Break Entries report now only shows break entries associated with valid (not deleted) time entries.

All Items in an Inventory Value Report Correctly Show Percentages

In previous releases, when you created an Inventory Value Report, the donut chart did not show a percentage for the first item in the inventory worksheet with a non-zero value. For example, if the worksheet had items A, B, and C, and all three had some number of items on-hand, items B and C would show a percentage when you hovered over them in the donut chart, but item A did not. This problem has been resolved.

Profitability of Checks With Multiple Item Discounts is Correct in the Sales Exception Report

Checks that apply the same item discount to multiple items no longer multiply the reported profitability of the check by the number of items that the item discount was applied to. The profitability of checks is shown in the Discounts section of the Sales Exception report in the Toast administration back-end. Previously, applying an item discount to multiple items in a check caused incorrect profitability information for that check.

Discounts Reports Include Orders API Orders

The Discounts screen reports in the Toast administration back-end have been improved to show orders processed by the orders API correctly. Previously, discount reports could omit orders received from the orders API that did not include a server.

Total Sales in House Accounts Report

The Total Sales field in the House Accounts report now correctly lists the amount of total sales that were paid out to house accounts. Previously, this field always displayed $0.00 as the total sales value, regardless of the actual amount of house account sales that were made.

Discounts Tab of the Sales Exception Report Loads Properly

Previously, in some circumstances, the Discounts tab of the Sales Exceptions report would not fully load. This problem has been resolved.

Updated Description of Device-Level Revenue Center Assignment

This release updates the description provided when you select Device Setup > Select Revenue Center on a Toast POS device. The description now indicates that assignment of a service area to a revenue center will override this device-level setting. For more information, see About revenue centers.