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Reporting 2.30

The following sections provide information about changes that affect reporting information and functionality.


The following sections provide information about new and improved functionality.

Finance Overview Report Now Available

This release adds the Finance Overview report, which you can use to view, download, and print key financial information for the time period and location(s) you select. Owners, managers, accountants, and tax preparers can use this report to find answers to critical questions for a month, quarter, year, or any other time frame.

To view this new report, in the Toast administration back-end select Analytics > Finance.

To use the report, you

  1. Select a date range and, for an enterprise site, the location(s) to include. In this example, year-to-date and a subset of 12 locations are selected. When you update, the system generates and displays a sales summary with your top numbers, sales categories, and deferred sales.

    Note that reports that have longer timeframes display in your web browser, and do not require you to email a spreadsheet.

  2. Choose one of the report's tabs to review financial information using one of these dimensions:

    • Revenue centers

    • Dining options

    • Discounts

    • Tax types and untaxed items

    • Payment types

    • Service charges

  3. Download the complete report in .xlsx format, or print the report on the current tab to a printer or .pdf file.

Print-ready Analytics Charts and Reports

All of the charts and reports available in the Analytics section of the Toast administration back-end can now be printed. After you select filters and the system generates all output, you can select the printer icon in the top corner of the page to open the standard print dialog box and choose options for printing the current page.

Online Orders Include Toast Reward Card Number


This feature is in limited release.

Locations that are participating in testing the Online Order - Loyalty feature will now see reward card numbers along with other payment information in the order details report that is available when you select Reports > Sales. The card number also appears in the top left hand corner of the order and payment screens on Toast POS devices.


The following sections provide information about fixed problems.

Sales Exceptions > Discounts Report Handles Multiple Revenue Centers

The Sales Exceptions > Discounts report in the Toast administration back-end now opens correctly when you select multiple parameters, such as revenue centers, for the report. Previously, a problem prevented the report from displaying correctly.

Order Details Display Item Level Discounts

This release corrects an error that prevented information about item level discounts from appearing with other order details on the report that is available in the Toast administration back-end by selecting Reports > Sales. Information about a discount, including the name of the employee who approved it, now appears for both check-level and item-level discounts.

House Account Sales Total Is Calculated Correctly

The total of sales for house accounts shown on the House Accounts tab of the Sales report is now calculated correctly and matches the total house account sales shown on the Summary tab. Previously, voided payments for house accounts caused inaccurate sales reporting for house accounts.

Daily Breakdown of Monthly Credit Card Statements Now Includes Amex Payments

Previously, restaurants enrolled in the Amex OptBlue program were only seeing V/MC/D payments in the Payments column on their monthly statement. This release fixes that problem, so that Amex payments are now included in the total.

Gift/Rewards Reports

This release corrects an error that prevented the gift card and rewards accounts reports from displaying after the balance of a gift card or loyalty account is manually adjusted. These reports now display as expected, including any additions or deductions to card balances.

To produce these reports, in the Toast administration back-end select Reports > Gift/Rewards > Gift Cards or Rewards Accounts. Previously, an error message appeared when you attempted to view these reports after a balance adjustment.