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Money 2.31

This section provides information about changes that affect the way a restaurant receives payments.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Updated Workflow for Partially Authorized Payments

This release includes improvements to the series of informational messages that the Toast POS app displays when a payment is only partially authorized, leaving a remaining balance due before the transaction is complete. These messages will make it more obvious to the employee that additional payment is still required, which should minimize the possibility that a guest leaves without paying their full total due.

When the guest uses a payment method (often a gift card) that has less available balance than the total due, the first message shown is now:

Insufficient Funds

This payment was authorized for less than the full requested amount. The payment has been updated to reflect the available amount.

Available Amount: ${authorized amount}

Please complete this partial payment and request additional payment for the remaining balance.

When the employee selects Got It for this message, the next screen shows the check total, the authorized payment amount, and the remaining balance due. The remaining balance appears in bold red font. Employees must then select Pay Remaining Balance to continue. Messages and options to participate in the restaurant loyalty program, and to receive the receipt in different formats, have not been changed.

New Void and Receipt Option Choices in Cash Payment Workflow

The behavior of the Void, Receipt, and No Receipt buttons for cash payments has changed.

  • The Void button is always present when no change is due.

  • The Receipt and No Receipt buttons are always present when the POS device is configured to use digital receipts or if the restaurant or POS device is configured to prompt for receipt options.


These changes do not affect cash payments if you use Fast Cash. Using Fast Cash skips all dialogs.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

Menu-Specific Modifier Prices Applied Correctly on POS Devices

POS devices now apply menu-specific modifier prices correctly. Previously, a problem caused POS devices to apply the base price for modifiers instead of the menu-specific price. This problem did not affect the prices endpoint of the orders API.

Discounts Validated During Check Payment in the Payment Terminal Screen

POS devices now validate the discounts that are applied to a check when a restaurant employee processes a payment in the payment terminal screen. Previously, in rare situations, invalid discounts could be applied to a check, causing that check to be priced incorrectly. POS devices have always validated discounts during other steps of the order workflow.