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Guests 2.32

This section provides information about changes that affect the guest experience at a restaurant.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Show Custom Background Image Throughout Kiosk Order Flow


This feature is in limited release.

This release allows for a background image on the menu and modifier pages for Kiosk. This image is separate from the background image for the Kiosk welcome screen, and must be uploaded independently. Prior to this, the background could only be customized on the Kiosk welcome screen, and not the menu and modifier pages. This update also provides an additional image upload selector in the Display Setup > Kiosk Setup page.

Adds Branding Color to Kiosk Order and Payment Workflows

This update removes the default blue and orange colors from both the Kiosk order and payment workflows, and uses the configured restaurant brand color instead. Restaurants can now select this color with the Button Color setting in the Display Setup > Kiosk Setup page.

Update to Menu Item Descriptions

Item descriptions on the modifiers screen now include an image of the item, calories and item tags, and a quantity selector.

Updates to Menu Card Configuration

Menu card configuration, found in Display Setup > Kiosk Setup, includes the following information:

  • Title

  • Menu Item Tags

  • Description (displayed on large menu cards only)

  • Price

  • Calories

  • Image

  • Restaurants can toggle between large menu cards (default) or small menu cards. Small menu cards do not have item descriptions, but they do adopt every other element inherent with larger cards.

  • Small menu cards will display 10 menu items per page, large menu cards will display 6 menu items per page. Users can navigate additional menu items by swiping their finger left and right.

  • Provides a toggle for displaying/not displaying images on menu items.

Enables Disk Caching for Images in Toast POS Devices

This update enables disk caching for images on Toast POS devices, ensuring the cache will be persistent across application restarts. Previously, images were cached in memory.

Default Background Image for Kiosk Welcome Screen

The default background image for Kiosk is now the same as the background image used in the Kiosk welcome screen. Previously, the default was a plain gray background.

Download Link for Toast TakeOut App


This feature is in limited release.

Guests who receive digital receipts can now click to download the Toast TakeOut app. This feature applies only to locations that currently accept orders from the Toast TakeOut app.

First Payment Card Linked to a Toast Loyalty Account No Longer Requires Verification for Redemption

Previously, when signing up for the Toast loyalty program, the email a guest would receive welcoming them to the loyalty program contained a link for verifying the payment card that they used to establish their loyalty account. This requirement is being removed and the welcome email no longer includes a verification link. If the guest adds any other payment cards to their Toast loyalty account, they will receive an email asking to verify those additional payment cards.

Toast Loyalty Targeted Master Configuration Entities Can Now Be Published


This feature is in limited release.

The enterprise configuration publishing system now supports publishing master configuration entities that target Toast loyalty groups. Previously, no loyalty-targeted master entities could be published.

Email Notification for Guest Feedback

You can now configure the guest feedback feature to send email notification messages when guests submit feedback from hand-helds devices or digital receipts. You can now also send email notification messages to individual users' email addresses with the new configuration. Previously, you could only send guest feedback notification messages to SMS/text numbers.

Update Guest Flow - Tip Before Payment

On guest-facing payment displays, the tip screen now appears before the payment screen, prompting the guest to enter a tip before swiping or inserting their card. This allows for an authorization of the full payment, including tip.

Check-level Discount Configuration Changes

To prevent unintended configuration of discounts, if you intend to limit a check-level discount to checks including an item then you must now check the Check must include one of the following items/groups checkbox. If you have checked this box but not selected an item, you are presented with this message when you click the Save button: Did you mean to specify an item for your check level discount?

Prompting for Discount Reason Selected by Default When Reasons are Assigned to a Discount

When you assign a discount reason to a discount by selecting Assign Reason, the Prompt discount reasons on POS option is now selected by default. Previously, the Prompt discount reasons on POS option was not selected by default, even when you assigned reasons to a discount.

BOGO Discount Configuration for Get Items


This feature is in limited release.

When you configure the get item of a BOGO discount, you can now specify which get item is selected by the discount:

  • The first eligible item on the check. This is the default.

  • The least expensive eligible item on the check.

  • The most expensive eligible item on the check.

These three options are available in the Get Items section of the Payments > Discounts configuration page in the Toast administration back-end.

This option applies only if the Buy Items section of the discount has one item, one menu group, or one menu. Note that the structure of the items/groups/menus in the Get Items section does not affect whether this option is applied.

Guest Signature Not Displayed on Printed Receipts

For locations that use digital receipts, and collect digital signatures on the Toast POS device, printed receipts no longer show an image of guests' signatures. Restaurant employees can still view digital receipts with guests' signatures from the Toast administration back-end.

Large Order Number Display at the Top of Printed Receipts

You can now configure printed receipts to show the order number in large font that is readable from a distance. On the Marketing > Receipt Setup page of the Toast administration back-end, you enable the Show Large Order Number in Receipt Header control to display large-sized order numbers above your restaurant logo at the top of printed receipts.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

Combo Discounts Now Do Not Apply If Items Are Not Eligible for Discounting

This release changes the behavior of combo discounts when they are applied to menu items that are not eligible for discounting. Previously, if an item that was not eligible for discounting was configured to be a part of a combo discount, the discount would still apply on the check. However, the combo discount would not actually discount the item that was not eligible for discounting. Instead, the combo discount would apply a prorated discount amount to the items that were eligible for discounting.

In addition, in the Order Details page, the Discount column in the Items table would show the prorated discount amount, but the Discount table on the same page would show the full discount amount (that is, it included the discount that was not actually applied to the ineligible items).

In this release, combo discounts cannot be applied to items that are not eligible for discounting. That is, all the required items of a combo discount must reference items that are configured for discounting. This behavioral change also means that the Discount table in the Order Details page now correctly lists discount amounts.

Discounts Using Versioned Required Items Now Work Correctly

Previously, the Toast POS system could not resolve enterprise references for versioned required items for discounts. (The enterprise module is also called master menu management.) Note that a required item for a discount can be a menu item, a menu group, or a menu. For example, assume that you created a corporate versioned discount pointing at a corporate versioned menu item. If you then versioned the menu item, the discount no longer applied to the new versioned menu item. This is because the normal enterprise behavior is to resolve the most specific version of the menu item and keep the configurations linked.

This release fixes the problem. Now, if you have a discount targeted at a restaurant group with a required menu item and you then create a new version of the menu item targeting a specific restaurant within the restaurant group, then the discount will continue to apply to the new version of the menu item. Likewise, discounts using a versioned menu or menu group as the required item will work correctly.

Discounts in Non-enterprise Locations No Longer Targeted to Enterprise Groups

Previously, locations that did not have the enterprise (master menu management) module enabled could have discounts that were owned by or targeted to an enterprise restaurant group. These discounts could not be edited by restaurant employees because the enterprise module was not enabled.

In this release, discounts at non-enterprise locations are validated to ensure that a discount cannot be owned by or targeted to enterprise restaurant groups. Note that this fix prevents the problem from occurring in the future but does not change discounts that are already configured this way.

Corrected Punchh2 Redemptions

This release corrects an error that prevented guests from redeeming Punchh2 loyalty rewards as payment for a check. Checks can now be paid and closed successfully when payment includes a reward redemption for this program.