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Integrations 2.32

This section provides information about changes that affect the way a restaurant uses and exchanges information with services that are connected to the Toast POS system but not provided by Toast.


The following notes provide information about about new and improved functionality.

Enabling a Partner Integration Automatically Enables Labor Scheduling and Order API Product Modules


This feature is in limited release.

When you enable a partner integration that creates orders or that creates employee shifts on the My Integrations page of the Toast administration back-end site, the Labor Scheduling and Order API modules are now automatically enabled for your restaurant. This change does not apply to all partner integrations. The labor scheduling module enables the Scheduling page of the Toast administration back-end site. The orders API module allows you to enable API ordering for dining options at your restaurant. Previously, Toast support needed to manually enable the labor scheduling and orders API modules for restaurants that used these types of partner integrations. This change makes adding partner integrations faster and more reliable. It does not affect your restaurant operations in any other way.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

My Integrations Page Loading Error Corrected

This release corrects an error that prevented the My Integrations page from loading. Selecting Integrations > My Integrations in the Toast administration back-end now presents information about your current integrations and other available integrations as expected.