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Reporting 2.32

This section provides information about changes that affect reporting information and functionality.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Kitchen Details Data Export Now Available

This release adds the Kitchen Details report to the nightly data export. This new report contains detailed information about the kitchen tickets at your location. The report includes kitchen timing information, such as the amount of time it took to fulfill the ticket. The data in the report matches the data in the Ticket Details section of the Reports > Kitchen report available from the Toast administration back-end.

Menu JSON Export File Reports Online Availability for All Entities

The menu JSON export file now includes the orderableOnline value for menus and modifier options as well as menu groups and menu items. The orderableOnline value indicates whether a menu item can be ordered using a Toast online ordering website.

Improved Messaging on Deposits Report

When you select Reports > Deposits in the Toast administration back-end and specify a date that does not yet have settled data, the following message now appears. This report was last updated on <date> at <time>. This report shows data as of the day the payments settled, usually 1-2 business days after they were processed.

Pre-Arbitration Chargeback Notifications and Statements Now Supported

Beginning with this release, email messages for pre-arbitration notifications will be sent automatically for chargeback requests initiated for transactions at your restaurant. In addition, you can now download statements for pre-arbitration chargeback notices in PDF format by selecting Reports > Deposits > Chargebacks in the Toast Administration back-end. Note that pre-arbitration notices do not incur any fee.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

Consistent Tip Computation and Precision

The tip percentage that is reported by a Shift Review is now consistent when viewed from either a Toast POS device or the Toast administration back-end. When you open a Shift Review on a Toast POS device, the tip percentage that is reported is now calculated as Tips/Tippable Amount and rounded to 1 decimal place. Previously, the Toast POS device calculated the tip percentage as Tips/Total Amount and rounded to a whole number.

Updates to Chargebacks Statement

This release updates the way that the statement available from the Reports > Deposits > Chargebacks report presents the chargeback usage code received from card networks. When you download a statement by selecting the download in the Statement column, Dispute Type is now followed by FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, and so on through NINTH to indicate the usage code that was sent.

Reports > Deposits > Chargebacks report.

Previously, the usage code was followed by CHARGEBACK, which could be misinterpreted as the number of times that the chargeback had been received. In addition, this release corrects an error that caused the NINTH usage code to be incorrectly reported as FIRST.

Deposits Report Chargeback Rows Do Not Include Download Link When There is No File to Download

The Chargebacks tab of the Deposits report in the Toast administration back-end no longer includes download links for chargeback entry rows that do not have a file to download. Not all chargeback entries have a file that you can download. Previously, the rows for all chargeback entries included a file download link. Attempting to download a file for an entry that did not have a downloadable file caused a software error.

Menu JSON Export Now Uses Menu-specific Prices for Modifier Options

Previously, if a modifier option inherited its price from its underlying menu item reference, and that menu item used menu-specific pricing, the menu-specific price was ignored by the menu JSON data export and the item reference's base price appeared in the exported data instead. This problem has been resolved and the menu JSON export now correctly includes any menu-specific pricing associated with a modifier option.