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Employees 2.33

This section provides information about changes that affect the way restaurant management interacts with employees.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

New Connect & Learn Options

This release includes the following updates to the Toast Community section of the Toast administration back-end.

  • The name of this section is now Connect & Learn. Previously, it was Toast Community.

  • A Toast Community link is now available in place of the The VIP Table link.

  • A link to Toast University is now available in this section.

Updated Tooltips for Access Permissions

This release includes updates to the brief explanations of user access permissions that are available on the Labor > Jobs > edit job page and the Labor > Employees > edit employee pages in the Toast administration back-end. All tooltips, which appear when you place your cursor over an information "i" icon next to a permission name, have been edited for accuracy and consistency.

Updated Permissions for Accessing Item Tags

Users with the Edit Full Menu permission can now access, edit, and add new menu tags. Previously, a user needed both POS Setup and Edit Full Menu permissions to access item tags.

You no longer need the POS Setup permission to access item tags. The POS Setup permission does not allow restaurant employees to access item tags.

Updated Permissions for Accessing the Restaurant Groups Page

Users with Account Admin permissions can now access the Other Setup > Restaurant Groups page, found on the Toast administration back-end. Previously, users needed Account Admin as well as POS Setup permissions to access this page.

You no longer need the POS Setup permission to access the Restaurant Groups page. The POS Setup permission does not allow restaurant employees to access the Restaurant Groups page.

Employee PIN Access Can Be Disabled

You can disable PIN access for restaurant employees who use swipe cards to authenticate as Toast POS system users. To disable PIN access, you have to configure an employee with PIN access, configure swipe-card access, and then disable PIN access.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

Corrected Minimum Tip Percentage in Shift Review

This release corrects an error that caused the Minimum Tip Percentage (Declared Cash Tips) configuration setting to be ignored during shift review. The system now checks for and requires the value set in the Toast administration back-end with this Other Settings > UI Options option.

Metrics Added to Shift Review


This feature is in limited release.

This update adds the following metrics to the digital and printed shift review:

  • Total number of guests served

  • Monetary check average for each guest

Wage Changes Correctly Reflect Backdate for Employee Payroll

The backdate configuration for an employee wage change now takes effect on the date that you configure for the wage change. Previously, backdated wage changes included employee time entries outside of the backdate time period if the wage value for the time entries was null. The time entries updated were limited to those in the same business week as the date configured for the wage change. No pay calculations were updated.

Tracked Break Interval No Longer Allows a Zero-Length Time Period

The Tracked Break Interval configuration control for tracking required employee breaks no longer allows you to set an interval of zero hours and zero minutes. The minimum length of the tracked break interval is now one hour. Previously, it was possible to create a tracked break interval with a time period of zero length. For more information about tracking employee breaks, see Enabling missed break tracking.