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Guests 2.33

This section provides information about changes that affect the guest experience at a restaurant.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Improvements to Guest Welcome Screen

This release includes the following improvements to the initial welcome screen that appears on Toast guest-facing displays.

  • Updated spacing.

  • Updated font size and improved centering of the default "Welcome to (restaurant name)" message.

  • Improved centering of the optional Restaurant Logo image, which replaces the welcome message if provided.

  • Consistent placement of the Toast logo and name in the lower right corner when either the welcome message or restaurant logo image appear.

  • When an optional Full Screen Marketing Image is provided, the Toast logo does not appear.

You upload images and make other configuration choices in the Toast administration back-end, on the Display Setup > Guest Display page.

Improvements to Guest Order Screen

This release includes the following improvements to the order screen that appears on Toast guest-facing displays.

  • Updated spacing.

  • Color changes to improve consistency.

  • The "Powered by Toast" message has been replaced by the Toast logo and "toast".

Improvements to Guest Tip & Signature Screen

This release updates the the tip amount selection screen that appears on Toast guest-facing displays to present all four pre-defined suggested tip amounts for locations that set the Payment Options > Credit > Digital Receipt Options > Tip & Signature UI option to Use the legacy Tip screen along with the legacy signature screen. Previously, the fourth of the suggested amounts did not appear on guest-facing displays.

In addition, this release includes the following improvements to the tip amount selection and signature screen that appears on Toast guest-facing displays.

  • Updated spacing.

  • Updated buttons to improve consistency.

Improvements to Guest Rewards Lookup Screen

Locations that use the Toast loyalty program module can give their restaurant guests access to a web page that allows those guests to look up their loyalty account information by entering an email address. This release includes the following changes to that page:

  • The Email text entry box validates input.

  • The Restaurant Image, Banner Image, and Background Image appear on the page if uploaded on the Marketing > Restaurant Info page.

  • The page scales correctly to different screen sizes.

  • The results page that restaurant guests see after successfully submitting a request to look up their loyalty accounts now looks similar to the lookup page itself, and keeps all restaurant branding.

Updated Messaging on Printed Guest Receipts

Printed guest receipts now include the following message: "By providing your contact information, you are agreeing to participate in the loyalty program and be contacted by the restaurant."

Access to Instructions for Reordering Gift Cards

The Manager section in the Toast administration back-end now includes an Order Gift Cards option. This option is a link to the Ordering New Gift Cards article in Toast Central, which describes the reordering process.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

All Item-level Discounts Now Move to New Checks

Previously, when you split a check and then moved an item with an item-level discount to a new check, the item would move but the item-level discount could be removed. Only item-level discounts configured as "Any item" could move with their items to new checks.

This problem has been fixed in this release. Now, any type of item-level discount remains with its item when you move the item to a new check.

Auto-Apply Discounts Now Respect the Ordering on the Discounts Page

The Payments > Discounts page (available from the Toast administration back-end) has an Order button that lets you define the order of your discounts, as shown in this example:

Previously, you could set an order for your discounts, but it had no affect on the order in which auto-applied discounts were applied to a check. In this release, discounts configured to be auto-applied will be auto-applied in the order that you set on the Discounts page.

Applying Combo Discounts No Longer Causes Crash

This release corrects a problem that could result in the Toast POS app crashing. When all applicable items are added to a check and a combo discount for those items is selected, the discount is applied to the check. Previously the app could crash when the discount was selected.

Switching Discount Type No Longer Prevents Saving

A problem that prevented discounts from being saved after switching the discount type between fixed and either BOGO or combo has been fixed.

Corrected Process for Rewards Signup

This release corrects a problem that prevented the initial welcome email from being sent, and a payment card from being linked, to a new rewards account. These errors have been corrected.

Corrected Welcome Email Text

For locations that leave the Rewards Program Name configuration option blank on the Marketing > Rewards Program page, the system now correctly supplies "(restaurant name) Rewards" in the automated welcome messages that are sent to guests.

Corrected Guest Display of Delivery Fees

This release corrects an error that could occur when orders placed on a guest-facing display included a delivery fee. Previously when this situation occurred, a delivery fee was shown as being added in both the order subtotal and the service charges sections of the guest-facing order screen. However, the correct total (with only one delivery fee) displayed. Delivery fees no longer appear in the service charges section.