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Money 2.33

This section provides information about changes that affect the way a restaurant receives payments.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Automated Detection and Configuration of Card Readers

Customers who use guest-facing displays can now connect two card readers, an MSR (magnetic stripe reader) for employee use and an EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) for guest use, to their guest-facing display setup and both readers will be automatically configured for use.


It is very important that the MSR is plugged in to the employee-facing display and the EMV is plugged in to the guest-facing display.

When the Toast POS app detects that two card readers are connected to a device, the first time an employee enters their passcode a confirmation message will appear.

Stricter Enforcement of Rules for Discounts on Former Enterprise Locations

This release includes stricter enforcements on where discounts can be owned and targeted after the enterprise (master menu management) module is disabled on the restaurant. The rules for creating and editing discounts on these former enterprise restaurants are:

  • When you create a new discount, it is always owned by and targeted to the restaurant you are in and not any other location.

  • When you edit an existing discount, regardless of who you choose as the owner and target, the discount will remain configured as before. For example, if you change a discount's target/owner from a group to the current restaurant, the discount's configuration will stay the same.

  • If the enterprise module is re-enabled, it should let you choose the location to own and target the discount and always save the option that you chose.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

Corrected Payment Completion for Transactions with Loyalty Processing

This release corrects an error in the way the Toast POS system completed payments that were made by swiping a card on a payment terminal and also included loyalty program processing. After such a payment was made, card data was held on the payment terminal. When subsequent payments for other checks that also needed loyalty processing were initiated by tapping Pay, the system incorrectly resumed the initial payment transaction and reused the same card. This error no longer occurs.

Correction for Errors Experienced Using eDynamo Card Readers

This release updates the integration software that the Toast POS system uses for eDynamo card readers. A problem in the previous version resulted in some status messages not being sent, or being sent corrupted, and Toast's customers could experience problems using the eDynamo readers to take payments as a result.

Updated Messaging When Chip Cards Removed

The message "Card Removed" now appears when a chip card is removed from the card reader. Previously, the message "Reading Card" appeared.

House Account Creation

This release corrects a problem that prevented new house accounts from being added.

Changing Smart Tax Configuration No Longer Reprices Closed Orders

Previously, closed orders using smart tax were repriced following a change in smart tax configuration. For an example of a price raise, an order uses smart tax, includes a tax-inclusive item, and is paid with a credit card pre-authorized payment. If you then disable smart tax, the tax-inclusive item is changed to be tax exclusive when the payment was updated for the capture, and the new tax raised the order price.

This release fixes the problem by not repricing checks after they are closed and the payment information is updated.

Improvements to Variance Cash Entry When Adjusting Starting Balance

Adjusting the starting balance of a closed cash drawer will now generate an accurate variance cash entry. Previously, when adjusting the starting balance of a closed drawer, the variance cash entry did not change, and was therefore inaccurate.