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Restaurant Operations 2.33

This section provides information about changes that affect the way restaurant employees take and fulfill guest orders.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

New Option for Consolidating Modifiers


This feature is in limited release.

A new configuration option, Consolidate Modifiers, is now available on the Other Setup > UI Options page of the Toast administration back-end. This option is set to No by default, which lists modifiers on individual lines. When set to Yes, the system combines identical modifier options on one line preceded by the total ordered. The following illustration shows how this option affects an example order.

The setting for the Combine Modifiers option affects the way that modifiers appear on:

  • Toast POS order screens, including split checks

  • Printed kitchen tickets, KDS tickets, and the KDS all day display

  • Guest facing displays

  • Guest receipts

New Option for Grouping Items on Printed Kitchen Tickets


This feature is in limited release.

A new configuration option, Group by Plate, is now available on the Kitchen/Dining Room > Kitchen Setup page of the Toast administration back-end. When set to Yes, the system combines identical menu items in an order and prints them once on kitchen tickets, followed by the modifier options for each plate. This option is set to No by default, which prints menu items individually, or consolidates only menu items with identical modifiers as set by Consolidate Menu Items.

You can use this new configuration option in conjunction with the Consolidate Menu Items option, which is located on the Other Setup > UI Options page. The effect of the Consolidate Menu Items setting on identical menu items with identical modifiers is not changed. If, in addition, you also want to combine identical menu items with different modifiers on your printed kitchen tickets, a link to the new Group by Plate configuration option has been added to the description for the Consolidate Menu Items option for ease of access.

Improvements to Order Prompting for Certain Dining Options

This release includes the following changes to how employees are prompted to handle checks that have certain dining options specified.

  • When an order has a dining option with the Delivery behavior, the Toast POS app now presents the Customer Information dialog box after any check handling option is selected (Pay, Send, Print, Hold, Stay, Fast $, or swiping or inserting a card). Previously, this dialog box was only presented after employees selected Pay or Send.

  • When an order has a dining option that is configured to be both the Default dining option and a Future dining option, the Toast POS app now presents the Schedule Order dialog box after any check handling option is selected. Previously, this dialog box was only presented after the delivery option was changed.

  • When both a tab name and a dining option are required for an order, the Toast POS app now presents the Dining Option dialog box after any check handling option is selected. Previously, in certain situations employees were not prompted for the dining option.

You add and configure dining options on the Kitchen/Dining Room > Dining Options page in the Toast administration backend. For more information, see Dining Options.

Improved Print Mode for Kitchen Tickets

With this release, migration to the improved print mode is now complete. All Toast POS devices now use this redesigned logic for printing kitchen tickets. Legacy print mode is no longer available.

Configuration-Dependent Ticket Display Options on Devices

This release improves the Device Setup > Ticket Display Options that you can configure on individual devices. For locations that do not use courses, this screen now presents only dining options. Previously, this screen also included a section for courses, which included a single option for Tickets with no course.

Numeric Keypad for Changing Modifier Quantities

The Toast POS app now provides access to a numeric keypad from the order screen so that employees can make large changes to the quantity of a modifier more quickly. The numeric keypad is available for modifiers that provide + and - options on either side of the current quantity. To display the numeric keypad, tap and hold either the + or the - button.

Removal of Submit Ticket Feature on Toast POS Devices

In this release, the Submit Ticket feature on Toast POS devices has been removed. Previously, this feature was available from the Support section on the Toast POS home screen.

Restaurant Image Field Renamed to Restaurant Logo

On the Marketing > Restaurant Info page on the Toast administrative back-end, the Restaurant Image label has been changed to Restaurant Logo. The purpose and functionality of the field remain unchanged.

Updates for Table Status Color

This update eliminates the need to refresh the Table Service screen to seen an updated table state. This update also changes the color of tables pending sync to a darker shade of yellow.

Toast Kiosk Supports Toast Loyalty Points

Guests can now accrue and redeem Toast Loyalty points on orders placed on a Toast Kiosk.

Updates to Modifier Card Appearance on Kiosk

This release updates the appearance of modifier cards on kiosks to include calorie information (if available).

Support for Paytronix PIN on Kiosk

When enabled, this feature adds a new button to the kiosk loyalty screen, allowing a user to check in by entering an authentication code from a Paytronix app. After entering this code, the user can then enter the loyalty flow as normal.

Kiosk Supports Signing up for Toast Loyalty via Email or Phone Number

This update allows kiosk users to sign up for loyalty by entering their email address or phone number on the payments screen. The submit button is disabled until a valid phone number or email is entered. Previously, restaurant guests were unable to sign up for loyalty on Kiosk.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

Paid Next Day Orders Now Correctly Set to Paid Before Fulfillment

Previously, if Next Day Mode was enabled on the Toast POS device, paid Next Day orders were incorrectly set to a Closed status instead of Paid prior to fulfillment. This release fixes the problem.

Guest Information Required for Take Out Orders

In 2.31 and earlier, after selecting a take out dining option for an order and being prompted to enter a phone number and first and last name, an employee could select Done without filling in any guest information. An early version of 2.32 changed Done to have the same effect as Cancel, causing the take out dining option to not be applied to the order. This release corrects the error, allowing the employee to apply a take out dining option by selecting Done without entering guest information.

Including Sent Time on Checks No Longer Causes Crash

For locations that enable the Other Setup > UI Options > Show Item Sent Time configuration option, this release corrects a problem that could cause the Toast POS app to crash when the order screen displayed.

Deeply-Nested Menu Items No Longer Cause Crashes

This release corrects an error that could cause the Toast POS app to crash when a menu item that requires multiple selections on a series of screens is ordered.

Error in Decreasing a Modifier Quantity Corrected

This release corrects an error in the way the "-" option on the order screen changed the quantity of a modifier. Previously, increasing the quantity of a modifier, and then using the "-" option to decrease the quantity, resulted in a quantity that could not be changed further. In this release, all changes to the modifier quantity are made correctly.

Support for Modifiers in Active and Archived Menus/Groups

This release corrects a problem that caused some modifiers to be left off of a re-ordered menu item. Previously, when a menu item that included modifiers associated with both active and archived menus or menu groups was repeated, the added menu item(s) did not include the modifiers with an association to an archived menu or menu group.

Paid Checks No Longer Result in $0.00 Balance Dialog

This release corrects an error that caused a dialog box showing a remaining balance of $0.00 to appear after an employee or guest completed the first payment for a split check.

Corrected Support for Kiosk Menu High Res Images

For locations that have the Toast Kiosk module enabled, both an Image file and a High Res Image file can be uploaded for a menu in the Toast administration back-end. This release corrects a problem that prevented you from uploading a file for the High Res Image unless you had already saved an Image file.

Grubhub Setting for Modifier Groups Is Now Saved Properly

In some cases, you could not edit and save the Grubhub configuration option for modifier groups. This problem has been resolved and changes made to a modifier group's Grubhub configuration option are properly saved.

Corrected Kitchen Ticket Display After Partial Fulfillment

After part of an order is fulfilled at one prep station KDS, the ticket now remains unchanged at other prep stations where fulfillment is still in progress. Previously, the ticket "blinked" and an audio notification played at those prep stations.

Kitchen Ticket Printing for Future Orders

This release changes the behavior for kitchen ticket printing when the Fire Now option is used for future orders. When a future order is fired ahead of its scheduled time, the system prints a single kitchen ticket for it. Previously, a kitchen ticket was printed when the order was fired, and a second ticket marked as a "Reprint" was printed at the originally scheduled time.

Unfulfilling a Recently Fulfilled Ticket No Longer Causes the Possibility of a Crash

Previously, the Recently Fulfilled screen on KDS devices had two issues:

  • Tickets that were older than the specified Recently Fulfilled Timeframe could appear.

  • If you attempted to unfulfill one of these older tickets, the system crashed.

To prevent the system from crashing, you can no longer unfulfill one of these older tickets. A subsequent release will contain a fix that prevents tickets that are older than the Recently Fulfilled Timeframe from appearing in the Recently Fulfilled screen.

Kiosks Do Not Display Receipt Printing Messages For Previous Orders

This update prevents a receipt printing failure message from appearing on Kiosks after an order is sent. Previously, if the Toast POS system was unable to print a receipt, it might display the following message after the order was sent and the next order was in progress: “A print request has failed. Please contact a server.”

Corrected Tipping in Digital Receipts on Guest Facing Display

This release improves the way that guest facing display terminals handle tipping.

  • A guest facing display will no longer prompt users for a tip selection if tipping is disabled under Payment Options. Previously, the tip suggestions dialog box would still appear, even when tipping was disabled.

  • Selecting No Tip on the payment screen of a guest facing display now results in a payment with a $0.00 tip. Previously, in cases where a default tip amount was configured, selecting No Tip resulted in a payment with the default tip amount.

Voiding a Check Now Updates the Order Status

Previously, when you voided a check, the order status was not updated. For example, in an order with two checks, you close one check and void the other one. The expected result would be a closed order, because all the checks in the order are closed or voided. However, the order is still open because the void operation did not update the order status as closed.

This release fixes the problem so that the order status is updated after a check is voided.

KDS Tickets Display New Order Numbers

This release corrects an error that prevented KDS tickets from being updated with the new order numbers after the check is split by seat number or manually. The newly assigned order numbers are now correctly reflected on the KDS.

Online Ordering Notifications Now Persistent After User Switch

Previously, online ordering notifications did not persist for a Toast POS user after a Switch User operation. This release fixes this problem.

Notification Setup Page Now Loads Correctly

Previously, the Other Setup > Notification Setup page on the Toast administration back-end would not load correctly. This problem has been resolved.

Fixed a crash condition while Printing Expediter Tickets

For locations that configure their kitchen tickets to automatically print expediter tickets on order fulfillment, a problem that caused the possibility of the Toast POS app crashing has been fixed. In addition, when kitchen tickets are configured to include the scheduled order due time in the ticket footer, a problem that caused the possibility of the Toast POS app crashing has been fixed.

KDS Devices with Sound Notifications No Longer Crash on Order Receipt

For locations that configure KDS devices to play a sound when a new order is received, this release corrects an error that caused the possibility of the Toast POS app crashing on order receipt.

Number of Guests Can No Longer Be Null

This release corrects a problem that allowed the number of guests value to be left null for an order in certain situations, rather than set to at least 1. Previously, the Toast POS app could crash in situations where this value was left null.

Production Item Counts Update Correctly

This release corrects a timing issue for synchronization that prevented production menu item counts from being calculated promptly and accurately.

Improved Timing for KDS Ticket Updates

This release includes a change to the length of time that a KDS ticket will continue to appear on a prep station KDS after that ticket has been fulfilled at another prep station.Previously, fulfilled tickets could remain in view on another KDS for up to a minute.

Order Screen "Done" Options Now Equivalent

For certain actions, such as combining menu items or adding a guest to a table, the Toast POS app presents a blue Done option on the order screen in addition to the Done option with the check mark icon that appears at the top left of the screen. This release includes changes that ensure that the same set of edit checks and functions are completed by both of these options.

Multiple Prep Stations For Single Items Handle Fulfillment Correctly

A problem that occurred when menu items are sent to multiple prep stations has been fixed. The problem occasionally prevented checks from syncing correctly with the cloud components of the Toast POS system. The problem also occasionally prevented status updates at a prep station that monitors menu items being fulfilled at another prep station.