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Hardware and Performance 2.34

This section provides information about changes that affect the Toast POS system hardware and performance.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Manual Fallback for Certified Scales

With this release, manual fallback is an added feature for restaurants using a Toast certified scale. This means that when a connectivity issue occurs between a certified scale and the Toast POS device, your operations are not impacted and you can still fulfill orders by manually entering the weight of a menu item.

You configure use of this feature with the Enable Manual Entry When Using Scale option in the Other Setup > UI Options configuration page on the Toast administration back-end.

If the manual fallback feature is enabled and the scale is suddenly disconnected, the Toast POS system displays a message to the Toast POS user that the scale is disconnected and provides a Manual weight option for manual weight entry. If you select the Manual weight option, you can then manually enter menu items that have a configured UoM (Unit of Measure). The Toast POS device, guest-facing displays, printed receipts, and digital receipts will indicate that the item was manually weighed. When the connectivity issue is resolved, the system reverts to automatic weighing and you cannot manually enter weights.

Note that if the user re-weighs an existing menu item selection, a previously-entered manual weight can be overridden by an automatic scale weighing, and vice versa. The Toast kiosk, which also supports weighing items, does not support manual weight override.

For information on using certified scales in a restaurant, see Certified scales.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

Partial EMV Chip Card Payments Now Process Correctly

Previously, an issue existed where, for Toast devices using EMV chip card readers and digital receipts (including ToastGo’s), if you tried to pay for a check using multiple chip cards, the first payment would process correctly but the card reader would not acknowledge the insertion of the next chip card for the next payment. This problem has been resolved.

Improved Check Lookup in Quick Order

This release corrects an issue when using Check Lookup from Quick Order mode on the Toast POS app. Previously, when using Check Lookup from Quick Order mode, the Check Lookup dialog did not populate with the card holder information when a card was swiped. Swiping a card will now find all open checks associated with that card name.

Upgrading with a USB eDynamo Card Reader Attached No Longer Crashes

Previously, an issue existed that caused the Toast POS app to crash if it was upgraded while a USB eDynamo card reader was attached to the device. This issue has been fixed.