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Hardware and Performance 2.35

This section provides information about changes that affect the Toast POS system hardware and performance.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Countdown Installation Procedure for Elo i-Series Firmware Updates

The installation procedure for Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) updates for Elo i-Series 2.0 and 1.0 tablets has changed. Previously, the Toast POS user had to click the Install Update button to begin the update procedure. This meant that updates could not be performed when the user was not in front of the screen (for example, overnight installations).

In this release, the installation screen looks like this example:

When the screen displays, a timer countdown beings and the following actions are available:

  • The user (if present) clicks the Update Now button to immediately install the update.

  • The user (if present) clicks the Delay Update button to defer the installation to a later time.

  • After the countdown ends, the installation begins automatically (whether or not the user is present).

For details on Elo FOTA updates, see Elo i-Series Firmware Updates.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

Guest-Facing Display Card Readers Now Replaced Correctly

Previously, a problem occurred when a guest-facing display configured with only a single credit card reader had the reader replaced (for example, a magnetic-stripe reader was replaced with an EMV card reader). The problem was that unplugging the existing card reader and then plugging in a new reader would result in two configured card readers (the newly-attached reader was set to Guest Pay and the old, removed reader was still set for Employee Pay).

This release fixes the issue so that unplugging an existing card reader and then plugging in a new card reader results in only one one configured card reader (the new card reader).

Intermittent Card Reader Installation Issue Fixed

This release fixes an intermittent issue that could prevent a card reader from being successfully installed.