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Employees 2.37

This section provides information about changes that affect the way restaurant management interacts with employees.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Jobs Table on Employee Details Page Now Includes Last Updated Information

To better allow you to track when the permissions associated with a job have been updated, the Jobs table on the Jobs and Permissions tab of the employee details page now shows a Last Updated column. This column displays the date a job was last updated and the name of the person who did the update (the name is preceded by Toast Team if the update was done by a member of Toast).

Improvements to the Basic Tab of Employee Details Page

The following improvements have been made to the Basic tab of the employee details page:

  • The fields on the tab have been grouped into Personal Info and Account Info sections.

  • Helper text is provided under the Account Info section that says This is how the employee will be able to access Toast and how to identify them for other employee reporting purposes.

  • Any errors that occur as you fill out a field are displayed below the field instead of to the right of the field.

Active Employees Tab Now Includes a Search Field

In the Toast administration back-end, the Active Employees tab of the Labor > Employees page has been updated to include a search field that allows you to filter the list of active employees you are viewing. To use this field, type in your search criteria and press Enter. The search criteria you enter is compared against employee first and last names and the table is updated. To return to an unfiltered list of active employees, clear the search field and press Enter.