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Guests 2.37

This section provides information about changes that affect the guest experience at a restaurant.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Copying Discounts

With this release, you can copy an existing discount. With the exception of its name, the new discount is identical to the discount from which it was copied (unless you made configuration changes during the copy procedure). With this new functionality, you do not always have to create new discounts from scratch when they share similar configuration properties with existing discounts.

For this feature, a copy option has been added to these discount pages:

  • On the Discounts page, the Actions menu now has a Copy option. To open the Actions menu, click the … icon in the right-most column of a discount row.

  • In the Edit Discount page for each discount, the Number of discount section now has a Copy Discount icon.

Both copy options work the same, so you can use either version to copy a discount.

To copy a discount:

  1. Click a copy option on an existing discount. This opens an Add a Discount page with a new (unsaved) discount that has identical configuration properties as the source discount. The only difference is that the copied discount has (Copy) appended to the discount name in the Name of discount field.

  2. Optionally, you can edit any configuration property of the new discount. Keep in mind that this is an optional step, as the new discount can be saved without any changes.

  3. Click Save to save the discount and then Publish Now to publish your changes.

After being created, the new discount is listed on the Discounts page.

UI Controls Added to Discounts Page

In this release, UI controls have been added to the Discounts page. These UI controls are marked in this example:

The use of these UI controls take effect only when you are on the Discounts page, so that you can more easily find discount information. Refreshing the Discounts page will return all changes to the default settings of the page.

  • The Show/Hide Columns drop-down list box lets you select which columns to show or hide on the Discounts page. You can make individual selections of the Number, Name, Type, Applies to, Value, Target, Owner, and Active columns, or you can choose Select All to show all columns. Note that the Target and Owner columns are available only on enterprise locations.

  • Clicking the Show All Promo Codes button expands the promo code subsections for each discount on the page, so that the Code, Description, Status, Start Date, and End Date fields are shown. (Discounts that do not have configured promo codes will not show these fields.) In addition, the button name changes to Hide All Promo Codes. For example:

    In this expanded view, you can edit the Code and Description fields (be sure to save and publish your changes). Note that you cannot edit the promo code's effective dates.

  • Clicking the Hide All Promo Codes button hides all the promo code information on the Discounts page and also changes the button name back to Show All Promo Codes.

Also note that you now edit a specific discount by clicking the pencil icon in the Edit column. Previously, you clicked the link on the Number column (which is now replaced by plain text).

Discount UI Improvements for Adding Items and Disabled Options

This release includes the following improvements to discount configuration screens:

  • When you first add a new BOGO discount, the Specific item/group button will be pre-selected and the menu search will start rendered. Similarly, the menu search will be immediately rendered when first adding a new Combo discount.

  • Previously in the Discount Rules section of the Edit Discount page, the Allow with other discounts and Auto apply discount options were not shown if they could not be selected for the discount. Now, they are visible but grayed out, with tooltip explanations for where to look to make them enabled. Additionally, the Discount Reasons and Promo Codes buttons are also grayed out when they are not applicable (when the Auto apply discount option is checked).

Discounts Are Removed When Menu Items Are Voided Or Removed

Discounts are revalidated when menu items (but not modifiers) are voided or removed from the check. As a result, if a menu item was part of a discount and was voided or removed from the check, then the discount is also removed immediately. For example, if you void the Buy item of an applied BOGO discount, the discount is automatically removed from the check.

Time-Based Discounts Now Evaluated By Item Sent Time


This feature is in limited release.

Time-based (availability) discounts are evaluated based on the time the discount is being applied on a check. Beginning with this release, time-based discounts are evaluated by the Toast POS system for application when all items in the discount were first sent to the kitchen. Note that check-level discounts that do not specify a specific item/trigger will be evaluated based on the time the check was first sent to the kitchen.

The items are sent when the employee taps Send, Stay, or Pay on the Toast POS device. If the items have not yet been sent, the default behavior will be to use the current time.

Note that a time-based discount is one whose Availability section has been configured with at least one date range, day of week, or hour range. This configuration determines when the discount is available for use.

For example, assume you have a BOGO discount that applies from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM on all beer. If the first beer is ordered at 4:30 PM and the guest orders another at 5:30 PM, then the check is not eligible for the BOGO discount (because the first item was sent before the discount's 5:00 PM starting time). Under the previous behavior, the employee would be able to apply the discount as long as it was applied it between 5:00 and 6:00 PM. Now, it does not matter when the employee applies the discount, as long as the items were sent during the 5:00-6:00 PM happy hour.

Messaging Removed From Auto-applying Discounts

The Toast POS device will no longer display the small popup messages that were generated when auto-apply discounts occurred on a check.

Email Marketing Dashboard Now Displays One-time Draft Campaigns

The Email marketing dashboard page now displays a list of one-time campaign email drafts in addition to the lists of current and past campaigns. Click the Edit button corresponding to a draft campaign to continue editing the campaign email. If you have more than five one-time campaign drafts, click the View Draft Campaigns link beneath the list to see all remaining drafts.

Past Campaigns List on Email Marketing Dashboard Now Displays One-time Campaigns

Previously, the Past Campaigns list on the Email marketing dashboard page only displayed past automated campaigns. With this release, the Past Campaigns table also lists one-time campaigns.

Toast Marketing Generally Available

The Toast marketing feature is now available to all restaurants. To add this module to your restaurant group, see Add Toast Marketing to Your Toast Suite. For more information about this feature, see Toast Marketing.

New Automated Campaign Types Added to Toast Marketing

This release adds the Big Spender and Repeat Guest automated campaign types to Toast marketing. For more information about these campaigns, see Understanding Audience Segments for Automated Campaigns.

Guest-Facing Sign Up Web Page Available for Toast Marketing

With this release, each restaurant group has a unique sign up web page where guests can sign up to receive marketing emails. The customizable banner and background image on this page are pulled from the Restaurant Info settings in the Toast administration back-end. You can find this unique link under Marketing > Email Marketing > Toast marketing settings. To offer this sign up method, feature this link on your restaurant's website or social media channels.

Campaign Details Page for Toast Marketing Displays Campaign Performance Details

With this release, the campaign details page for each current and past Toast marketing campaign emails displays the following details:

  • Delivered: Number of emails successfully delivered.

  • Opened: Number of emails opened by recipients.

  • Clicked: Number of emails where recipients clicked on a link in the email (excludes emails where recipients clicked the Unsubscribe link).

  • Ended: (past campaigns only) The date when you deactivated the campaign.

Updated Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Message on Screens Collecting Guest Information

This release updates the privacy policy and disclaimer statement displayed on POS devices while collecting guests' contact information on the following screens:

  • Toast loyalty rewards sign up screen on all POS devices including guest-facing displays and devices in kiosk mode.

  • Contact information input screen on all POS devices including guest-facing displays and kiosks when guest requests a digital receipt.

  • Contact information input screen on Toast Go™ devices when guest provides feedback on their dining experience.

New Configuration to Specify Kiosk as Order-Only

A new configuration allows you to specify whether a Kiosk device is for taking orders only. The Kiosk prints a receipt with a barcode that guests scan to pay for the order with the cashier.

To set up the Kiosk to only accept orders:

  1. In the Toast administrative back-end, in the Kiosk Setup section, select Enable for the Enable Paying with Cashier option. This gives guests the option to complete payment with the cashier at the restaurant.

  2. In the Toast POS system, select Setup > Device Setup and select Yes for the Disable Payments on Kiosk option. This prevent guests from paying on the kiosk.

To configure the Kiosk to accept payment, change the Disable Payments on Kiosk option to No.

Links Added in the Toast Administration Back-end for Online Gift Card and Online Reward Pages

In the Toast administration back-end, the Marketing > Restaurant Info and Payments > Gift Card Setup pages now have links to the Online Gift Card Purchase and Online Gift Card Lookup pages. The Restaurant Info page also has links to the Online Rewards Sign-up and Online Rewards Lookup pages.

Improved On-Screen Keyboard on Guest-Facing Displays

This release improves the on-screen keyboard on guest-facing displays used to enter contact information for digital receipts and loyalty programs. The improved keyboard is available on guest-facing displays in both light and dark modes.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

BOGO Discounts Allowed With Other Discounts Now Work Properly

Previously, a problem existed with BOGO discounts that were configured with the Allow with other discounts option. These discounts could be applied successively to an overlapping set of items, with the Get item being used multiple times. This problem has been resolved in this release.

Discount Reporting and Editing Problems Fixed

This release fixes these discount-related problems:

  • This release fixes a problem that could prevent reports from displaying the correct information for discounts when a revenue center or time range were specified.

  • This release fixes a problem existed prevented certain copied discounts from being edited.

Sending Split Items In Tapas Mode Now Works Correctly

Previously, a problem with tapas mode would occur in the following scenario:

  1. With tapas mode turned off for the restaurant, you would split items and send them to the kitchen. The items would be split and put into their own tickets.

  2. You then enabled tapas mode for the restaurant by selecting the Print and show individual tickets on the kitchen display screen option in the Kitchen/Dining Room > Kitchen Setup page on the Toast administration back-end.

  3. When you re-sent the items to the kitchen, the items would be duplicated.

The problem is fixed in this release.

Screen Now Renders Properly When Multiple BOGO Discounts Are Applied to Like Items

Previously, the Toast POS orders screen would not render correctly if multiple BOGO discounts were applied to like items on the check. The problem has been fixed in this release.

Discounts Can Now Be Edited Without Encountering Exceptions

This release fixes a problem in which certain discounts could not be edited, saved, or published because they encountered software exceptions.

Guest Information Collected on Guest-facing Displays Included in Guest Information Report

Previously, guests' contact information collected for digital receipts through guest-facing displays was not included in the Guest Information report available on the Toast-administration back-end. With this release, the Guest Information report includes information entered by guests on guest-facing displays to receive digital receipts.

Guest Feedback Report Now Available for More than One Year

Previously, generating a Guest Feedback report for a time period longer than the previous year resulted in an error. With this release, you can generate a Guest Feedback report that includes data from 2018 onwards.