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Money 2.37

This section provides information about changes that affect the way a restaurant receives payments.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Subtotal Column on Find Checks Page Renamed to Payment Amount

On the Manager > Find Checks page of the Toast administration back-end, the Subtotal column that is displayed as part of a check's details has been renamed to Payment Amount.

Better Error Messages for Failed Credit Card Payments

Previously, if a guest's credit card payment failed for any reason, the Toast POS app asked them to remove their card and try again. Now, the Toast POS app has error messages that reflect the particular error. If the card is declined, the guest is asked to try a new form of payment. If the guest dips the card too fast, the app tells them to try the same payment again.

Restaurants in Test Mode Do Not Prompt for Credit Cards Used Twice in a Rowf

When a restaurant is in Test Mode, the prompt that asks you to confirm when a credit card has been used twice in a row to take payment has been removed. This change makes it more efficient for users doing training and testing while in Test Mode.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

Email Receipt Dialog Box Is No Longer Truncated

An issue was introduced in a previous version of the Toast administration back-end that caused the Email Receipt dialog box to be truncated. The issue has been fixed.

Tip Amounts Are No Longer Erroneously Excluded from the Total Amount on Printed Receipts

An issue existed that could cause the tip to be excluded from the total amount shown on printed receipts. This problem has been resolved.

Employee Pay with Guest-facing Display Workflow Now Includes Tips

Previously, during the employee pay with guest-facing display workflow, the Payment Processing screen displayed only the base payment amount, not including tips. This screen has been updated to include tip amounts.

Subsequent EMV Payments Now Automatically Processed on Partially Paid Checks

Previously, payment processing did not occur as expected when an EMV card was used to pay the balance on a partially paid check. With this release, payment is automatically processed when a second EMV payment is initiated on a partially paid check.

Early Card Inserts on Guest Pay

Previously, if a credit card reader was set to Guest Pay, and the guest tried to dip their card before the server hit the Guest Pay button, the transaction would get stuck in processing. Now, if a guest dips their card early, it will process after the tip has been selected as long as the card hasn't been removed. The recommended process is still that guests dip their card once prompted to do so, but this update prevents the transaction from getting stuck for guests who insert their card early.

Online eGift Card Purchases with Phone Number Delivery Work Correctly

Previously, eGift card purchase or add value transactions made online did not succeed when the gift card was to be delivered to a recipient using their phone number. With this release, eGift card purchases or add value transactions made online with a phone number as the delivery target are processed successfully.