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Guests 2.38

This section provides information about changes that affect the guest experience at a restaurant.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Digital Receipts Now Include Toast Loyalty Sign Up Prompt

Digital receipts requested by guests who did not associate a rewards account with their check now include a prompt to sign up for an account. This prompt is displayed only if:

  • Your restaurant's Toast loyalty program is enabled.

  • The Rewards Signup option is enabled for one or both of the Cash and Credit sections in the Payment Options page in the Toast administration back-end.

Toast Marketing Dashboard Now Displays Scheduled Automated Campaigns

With this release, automated email marketing campaigns that are scheduled to start sending more than 24 hours from the current time are displayed with a Scheduled status on the following pages in the Toast administration back-end:

  • Toast Marketing dashboard.

  • Campaign details page.

  • Campaign creation page.

Onboarding Workflow Implemented for New Toast Marketing Users

With this release, restaurant users accessing Toast marketing for the first in the Toast administration back-end are guided through set up using an onboarding workflow. Previously, first-time users configured these settings by accessing the Toast Marketing settings page in the back-end.

Toast Marketing Settings Page Now Displays Number of Guests in Your Audience

With this release, the Toast Marketing settings page displays the total number of guests in your restaurant's email marketing audience. For multi-location restaurants, this number includes guests across all locations. The page also displays the sources of guests’ email addresses.

New Option for Printing Credit Card Receipts

A new configuration option, Credit Card Receipts - POS orders, is now available on the Marketing > Receipt Setup page of the Toast administration back-end. This option has the following settings that control how credit card receipts are printed for orders taken on Toast POS devices:

  • Select Automatically print merchant and customer copy (which is the default) to print both merchant and guest copies of the credit card receipt.

  • Select Automatically print merchant copy only to print just the merchant copy of the credit card receipt.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

Adding Size Price Items to BOGO Discounts Now Work Properly

Previously, a problem existed where items configured with the Size Price pricing strategy could not be added to BOGO discounts as buy items. The problem has been resolved in this release.

Loyalty Program Integrations Display Discount Information Correctly

Previously, discounts applied using the loyalty API integration on orders posted by the orders API were empty or incorrect. Now, they are displayed correctly.