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Money 2.39

This section provides information about changes that affect the way a restaurant receives payments.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Taxes on Modifiers Feature

This release includes the Taxes on Modifiers feature that lets you specify how a modifier option should be taxed.


This feature is in limited release.

The Modifier Tax Behavior configuration option has been added to the Taxes section of the modifier's menu item reference detail page. You can use this option to configure the modifier option to use one of these tax behaviors:

  • Inherit item tax rate: The modifier is taxed at the same rate as the parent menu item. This is the default setting for the option.

  • Unique tax rate applied to modifiers: The modifier is configured with a tax rate which is different from the parent menu item and which is applied separately from the menu item tax rate.

  • Modifier tax rate overrides item tax rate: The modifier has a different tax rate than its parent menu item and the modifier tax rate overrides the menu item tax rate.

For details on this feature, see

Use Flat Receipt Option Selector Option Removed

The Use Flat Receipt Option Selector option on the Payments>Payment Options page in the Toast administration back-end has been removed. Previously, this option allowed you to control the receipt options page display in the digital receipts workflow. Now, the receipt options page is displayed as shown below.