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Restaurant Operations 2.39

This section provides information about changes that affect the way restaurant employees take and fulfill guest orders.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

KDS Meal Pacing Supported On Enterprise Restaurants

In this release, Meal Pacing is now fully supported for restaurant chains that use the enterprise module (also called master menu management). The Kitchen/Dining Room > Meal Pacing page now includes Target and Owner fields that allow you to target specific locations or restaurant groups with different versions of Meal Pacing configurations.

Screen Sharing Tool Is Now Available for Toast POS Devices


This feature is in limited release.

Toast customer support now has access to a screen sharing tool that allows them to view what is happening on your Toast POS device and highlight areas of the screen that you may need to interact with (they cannot control the screen). This feature allows Toast customer support to better assist you with troubleshooting and other tasks. Should you need to use this feature, Toast customer support will provide you with instructions for enabling it.

Visual Update to the Manual Credit Card Entry Screen

The visual design of the screen a server uses to manually enter a credit card number for payment has been updated. The functionality of this screen has not changed.

Lookup Function for Checks Moved to POS Order Screen Overflow Menu

The Lookup button with the magnifying glass icon for looking up guest checks has been moved from the top of ordering screens on the Toast POS app to the Overflow menu (the icon). The name of the look up guest checks function in the overflow menu is Lookup Check. The Lookup button was moved to make room in the top-level interface for the new menu item search function. The magnifying glass icon is now used for menu item search in the top-level interface.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

Changing the Owner of a Menu Group or Item No Longer Prevents Editing of Size Prices

An issue existed where, if you had a menu group or item that used size pricing and you changed the Owner assigned to that group/item, then an error occurred if you tried to edit the group/item's size prices. This problem has been fixed.

Kitchen Report Misspelling Corrected

This release corrects the misspelling of "fulfillment" on the Kitchen Details category of the Analytics & Reports > Kitchen report.

Ability to Add New Menu Items and Modifiers Restored

Previously, customers were unable to add new items or modifiers to their menu through the Toast administration back-end. This functionality now works as expected.

KDS Previous Course Status Now Displays Correctly

This release fixes a problem with the Previous Course Status feature for meal pacing.

Previously, when you viewed Previous Course Status on a Ticket, a previous Ticket which had no course would display No Course. In addition, duplicate course statuses could also display.

This release fixes the problem as follows:

  • The duplicate previous courses will now appear as a single field with the most recently fulfilled course.

  • As No Course is not a course, this previous ticket’s course status is no longer displayed.