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Guests 2.40

This section provides information about changes that affect the guest experience at a restaurant.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Kiosk Void Reasons

In this release, a Kiosk Void Reason option has been added to the Display Setup > Kiosk Setup page. This option lets you select a configured void reason that will be attached to kiosk orders that are voided (due to time out or error). Before using this feature, you must first configure void reasons on the Payments > Void Reasons page.

Note the following about kiosk void reasons:

  • The configured void reason will be applied whether or not it is marked as Active. This means that the kiosk void reason could be inactive for the Toast POS (so it wouldn’t show in the list of void reasons presented to the server) but will still work as a kiosk void reason.

  • The configured kiosk void reason is automatically applied to kiosk orders that time out.

Link to Toast Online Ordering on Toast E-Gift Card Purchase Page

With this release, if a restaurant uses Toast online ordering and sells Toast e-gift cards, the e-gift card purchase page displays a link to the restaurant's online ordering page if the restaurant is currently accepting online orders. If online ordering is currently snoozed, a link to the online ordering menu is displayed instead. This link does not appear if the restaurant has disabled online ordering or if the restaurant does not participate in Toast online ordering.

Ability to Void or Refund Gift Card Payments on the Toast Administration Back-end

With this release, restaurant employees with the Void / Refund Payments manager access permission can void or refund a Toast gift card payment on the Toast administration back-end. To void or refund a check, search for it on the Manager > Find Checks page on the administration back-end and select Void or Refund on the Actions drop-down menu associated with the check.

Ability to Export Your Toast Marketing Contact List

With this release, you can export a list containing email addresses of all the guests in your Toast marketing audience. See Managing Contacts for instructions on exporting contacts.

Maximum Amount for Gift Cards Set to $100

With this release, restaurants cannot sell a Toast gift card with a currency amount value higher than 100. This currency amount limit also applies while adding value to an existing gift card. See Gift Card FAQ for more information about this limit.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

Online Ordering Web Interface Does Not Accept Imported Gift Card Numbers

Previously, the Toast online ordering web interface accepted card numbers of gift cards imported from third-party providers as valid input but the guest would encounter an error while trying to place the order. With this release, a restaurant's Toast online ordering page displays an error message if guests enter a card number that was associated with the gift card before it was imported into the Toast POS system. Guests can use the restaurant's e-gift card lookup page to retrieve their new gift card number.

Negative Values Not Accepted While Purchasing or Redeeming E-Gift Cards

Previously, guests were able to enter a negative number in the Amount field on a restaurant's Toast e-gift card purchase page, and restaurant employees were able to enter a negative number in the Redeem Amount field on the e-gift card redemption page. With this release, the purchase and redemption pages do not accept negative numbers as valid input in gift card balance fields.