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Money 2.40

This section provides information about changes that affect the way a restaurant receives payments.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Manual Credit Card Entry Screen Now Accepts Optional Billing Zip Code Field

On the manual credit card entry screen, there is now an optional billing zip code field.

If an employee submits the cardholder’s 5-digit billing zip code along with the rest of the credit card information, the entered zip code will be checked by Address Verification Service (AVS). AVS can help as a fraud deterrent. In the event of a chargeback claim on this transaction, restaurants will receive information about whether AVS detected a zip code match in their chargeback notification email.

Note that manual credit card entries can still be submitted successfully without entering a zip code, as this field is optional. This takes into account any circumstances where collecting zip code is not possible (such as international credit cards).


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

Checks Containing Multiple Toast E-Gift Cards Process Correctly

Previously, a check containing multiple Toast e-gift cards with the same recipient information did not sync with the Toast POS system and resulted in an unsuccessful purchase. With this release, checks containing multiple e-gift cards for the same recipient process correctly and recipient receives the gift cards as expected.

Voiding a Credit Card Payment with Guest Feedback Enabled No Longer Crashes

Previously, voiding a credit card payment on a device with Guest Feedback enabled would crash if the user selected a pre-filled email address or phone number for their void receipt. Now the void workflow can be completed as expected.

Digital Tipping Workflow and Tip Calculation Changes for Checks Paid For with a Gift Card or Credit Card

Previously, if a guest chose to use the full balance of their gift card to pay part of their check, and then paid the rest of their check with a credit card, the digital tip amount calculation would only be based on the amount paid by the credit card. Additionally, the guest would be shown the tipping screen for the gift card payment despite there being no balance left on the gift card to leave a tip.

With this change, if the guest has used the full balance of their gift card to pay for a portion of their check, they will no longer see a tipping screen for that gift card payment since there is no available balance to leave a tip. When the guest pays the remaining balance of their check with a credit card, the tip amounts displayed (when tip percentages are set up) will be calculated based off the total check amount instead of the partial credit card payment amount.

Dollar Amounts on Tipping Screen on ToastGo Are No Longer Cut Off

On a ToastGo device, the height of the tipping percentages on the tipping screen has been limited so that it's no longer possible for the percentages to push the dollar tipping amounts out of view.

Keyed-in Credit Card Screen No Longer Fails to Create Payments for Split Checks

The new keyed-in credit card screen no longer fails to create payments for checks in situations where there's more than one check on a single order.