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Reporting 2.40

This section provides information about changes that affect reporting information and functionality.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Toast Reporting Essentials Page Has Been Added

Toast Reporting Essentials is a resource page that was added to the product in order for customers to quickly access and learn the important information whenever they need it. The Toast Reporting Essentials page contains the following sections:

  • “Getting started? Here’s the top ten reporting tasks you may need to take care of”: Each task links to an article explaining the workflow to achieve the task, including screenshots.

  • FAQ section containing frequently asked questions: Each FAQ links to answers and provide more context (such as links to troubleshooting).

  • “Need more help?”: This link sends the user to Toast Central where they can look up articles or open a support case.

Additional Useful Data Provided in Daily Performance Summary All Locations Email

The Daily Performance Summary All Locations email has been enhanced to provide a quick view of the orders and sales for each restaurant broken down into categories like Delivery, Takeout, Dine-in etc. This will provide the reader with additional insight into the types of orders and sales taking place at their restaurants.

Also, the Summary area of this email has been reformatted to improve readability and a dollar total for deferred orders/gift card sales has been added.

Nightly Email Includes Detailed Sales Information For Dine-in/Take-out/Delivery Orders

A new table has been added to the nightly email that provides sales information for dine-in, take-out, and delivery orders. Note that the table is based on dining option behavior, so if there is a dining option with a behavior of None, orders that use that dining option will not be represented in the table. Also, if there is a mismatch between the dining option's name and it's configured behavior, it's the behavior that determines where the order is recorded. For example, a dining option named "Dine In Cafe" with a behavior of Takeout will appear in the take-out portion of the table.

Nightly Summary Email Readability Improvements

In order to add consistency and readability some changes were made on the Summary section of the Nightly Summary Email. The line graphs below Discounts and Labor were removed and all labels were moved to the top of each summary component, providing better user experience.


The following notes provide information about fixed problems.

Gift Card Reports Display Test Data while Restaurant is in Test Mode

Previously, Toast gift card reports did not display data generated by gift card sales, transactions, or imports while the restaurant was in test mode. Only data from test transactions were shown. With this release, gift card reports for restaurants in test mode display both real data and test data. Note that this does not change the existing behavior that gift cards sold while a restaurant is in test mode cannot be redeemed as payment.