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Money 2.44

This section provides information about changes that affect the way a restaurant receives payments.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Payments Workflows Are Redesigned, Guest Signature No Longer Required


This feature is in limited release.

The credit card payment and cash payment workflows on the Toast POS app have been completely redesigned with this release. Overall, the user interface has been improved so that each step in the process is shown on a full screen. This avoids using temporary, pop-up messages for important information and it ensures that error messages remain on screen until they can be handled by the user. Another significant change is that guest signatures are no longer required for credit card payments.

Change overview

  • The user interface for more than 20 payment screens has been updated.

  • Tip entry now follows payment.

  • Digital signatures are no longer captured. This makes payment easier for guests and reduces physical contact with device screens. Digital signatures are no longer required to process credit card payments.

  • The payment workflow now prompts guests to remove credit cards, to prevent guests from leaving cards behind.

For more detailed information about the new payment workflow, see Payment workflow changes overview.