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Restaurant Operations 2.48

This section provides information about changes that affect the way restaurant employees take and fulfill guest orders.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Customer arrival notifications for curbside pickup orders can now be sent to a specific printer

For curbside pickup orders, the Toast platform can send an SMS message to the customer, telling them when their order will be ready and providing a link they can select to let the restaurant know they have arrived to pick up their order. A Printed alerts option has been added to the Takeout/Delivery page in the Toast administration back-end to control where the customer's arrival notification is printed. This allows you to have the notification for the customer's arrival print at the host stand, while the online ordering customer receipt prints at the to-go bagging station in the kitchen.

Sending the Toast POS app to the background during the payment workflow causes guest-facing display contents to be removed

If the Toast POS app is sent to the background in the middle of the payment workflow (that is, the user presses the Android home button to exit the Toast POS app), any contents displayed on the guest-facing display are removed and the default "Welcome to <Restaurant Name>" is displayed instead. When the Toast POS app is re-opened, the guest-facing display resumes where it left off.

Links provided when you need to update your browser to view the Toast administration back-end

If you try to open the Toast administration back-end using an outdated and unsupported browser, you now see a page that tells you your browser is outdated with links to update the browser.

For a list of supported browsers, see this Toast Central article.

Item labels can show tab name if guest name is missing and won't show kitchen names

If an order does not have a guest name, but it does have a tab name, then item labels for the order will use the tab name as long as the Show Tab Name setting is enabled in Receipt Setup. Also, item labels will not use kitchen names, they will use the menu item names, to better align with the names that guests see in online ordering.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Choosing menu item selections for an order from the menu item search no longer causes occasional crashes

A problem that caused occasional POS app crashes when a restaurant employee used the menu item search function to add menu items to an order has been fixed. Choosing menu items from the menu item search function now works correctly.

Crash associated with Quick Order has been fixed

A rare crash in Quick Order that could occur when the Toast POS screen resumed after being left overnight has been fixed.

Promotions without promotions codes no longer cause Toast Order & Pay to crash

A problem existed in the Toast Order & Pay app where, if a promotion that didn't have a promotion code was applied to a party's order on the POS, the app would crash. This problem has been fixed.

Service prompts no longer open for incorrect menu item selections

A problem that caused Toast POS app to display service prompts when restaurant employees added menu items that were not configured to require those service prompts has been fixed. For example, alcohol menu item selections might be configured to require ID scanning. Now the POS app does not display the ID scanning dialog for menu item selections that do not require ID scanning.

Receipt setup options are now properly saved

An issue existed that prevented receipt set up options from being saved after they were edited in the Toast administration back-end. This issue has been fixed.

Toast POS app supports die-cut printing correctly

The Toast POS app now supports using die-cut kitchen printers. Previously, the POS app did not recognize die-cutting printer models correctly. Now the app recognizes die-cut printer models and controls the cutting operation for item labels correctly.

Disabling and re-enabling Toast Delivery Services no longer causes the Delivery by Doordash dining option to be editable

When Toast Delivery Services are enabled, the Toast platform creates a companion dining option, called Delivery by Doordash, that is not editable or archivable by a restaurant employee. Restricting employees from modifying the Delivery by Doordash dining option prevents them from accidentally deleting the dining option that Toast Delivery Services relies on. However, an issue existed where, if you disabled and then re-enabled Toast Delivery Services, the Delivery by Doordash dining option could be edited or archived. This issue has been fixed.