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Restaurant Operations 2.49

This section provides information about changes that affect the way restaurant employees take and fulfill guest orders.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Item labels now support a greater number of modifiers per item

On item labels, a smaller font sized is used for modifiers when necessary so that more modifiers fit on the label.

On KDS displays, dining option font sized has been increased 30%

The font size used to display dining options on KDS displays has been increased by 30% to make them easier to read.

Print queue includes new labels to distinguish between prep station and expediter tickets

The Toast POS print queue now includes the labels Prep Station Tickets and Expediter Tickets with the print job names for kitchen tickets. The labels make it easier to troubleshoot printing configuration problems. Previously, both prep station tickets and expediter tickets were included in the same print queue entry, with the label Kitchen Tickets.

KDS tickets can display a colored border based on dining option

Tickets on KDS displays can now have a colored border that visually indicates whether the dining option associated with the ticket is an on-premise dining option or an off-premise dining option. For example, dine-in tickets can have a green border while takeout orders (including delivery and curbside) can have a red border. To enable this feature, set the following on the Kitchen Setup page in the Toast administration back-end:

  • In the Printed Tickets and Tickets Screens section, set Always Print and Show Dining Option to Yes.

  • In the Ticket Screens section, check the Enabled column for the dining behavior (Dine in or Takeout, delivery, curbside) you want to see a colored bordered for. Optionally, click the color tile associated with the dining behavior and select a color from the color picker. The preview area will show you what your tickets will look like based on your selections.

With the settings above, if a ticket does not have a dining option associated with it, it will not have a border. Also, if the Always Print and Show Dining Option is set to No, no tickets will display colored borders.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Time-specific prices nested within location-specific prices now save correctly

An issue existed for restaurants using the master menu management module where, if you created a location-specific price and then nested a time-specific price within that location-specific price, when you saved the time-specific price, the time for the price shifted by an offset. This problem has been fixed.