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Guests 2.52

This section provides information about changes that affect the guest experience at a restaurant.


The following notes provide information about new and improved functionality.

Improvements to Guest Facing Display screens and configuration page

For the Toast POS app, the Guest Facing Display has had two screens updated with a better look. The "default" or "standby" screen now always shows a full-screen image, with no letterboxing, when one has been uploaded. The "order in progress" screen has been updated with a more modern look and feel.

For the Toast administration back-end, the Guest Display configuration page has been updated with new preview images and some additional help text on the logo/marketing image upload fields.

New loyalty redemption and account lookup workflow and redemption limits

The Toast POS app workflow for Toast loyalty program account lookup has changed and you can now limit the number of points guests can redeem in a single order. Changes include:

  • New redeem rewards screens

  • Ability to put a limit on how many points guests can redeem in a single order

  • Ability to look up rewards accounts by email, phone, name, or account number on the ordering screen

  • To void a reward redemption, you must void the check or the rewards discount itself.

  • To accommodate multiple rewards accounts on a single order, you split the check and attach a rewards account to each check.