Information about the taxes that a marketplace facilitator organization remits on behalf of a Toast platform restaurant. POST only. The orders API does not include the MarketplaceFacilitatorTaxInfo object in response data.

Note: you can only include this information if your Toast API client is associated with a designated marketplace facilitator organization. Most Toast API clients do not create marketplace facilitator orders.


Indicates whether a marketplace facilitator organization has paid the tax amounts for an order on behalf of the restaurant that fulfills the order.

If you include this value, you indicate that the marketplace facilitator order uses the prices and tax amounts calculated by the Toast platform.

If you include this value, you must not include the taxes value and you must not include the externalPriceAmount for menu item selections in the order.

Array of objects (AppliedTaxRate)

An array of AppliedTaxRate objects that describe the tax amounts that apply to a marketplace facilitator order.

If you include this value, you must include an externalPriceAmount for each menu item selection in the order.

  • "facilitatorCollectAndRemitTaxOrder": true,
  • "taxes": [