Offline mode overview

Toast restaurants have an internet connection, as well as a Wi-Fi connection for their wireless devices. As a cloud-based app, the Toast platform must use the internet to connect to its cloud-based services. Other Toast operations, such as authorization of credit credit cards, must be performed via the internet. The internet connection is provided by an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

The internet connection is made through a network router. The router can also provide a Wi-Fi network for the restaurant. Although connection types can vary from one restaurant to another, Toast terminals and access points typically have hard-wired Ethernet connections to the router, mobile (handheld) devices typically have Wi-Fi connections, and printers may use hard-wired or Wi-Fi connections.

If a Toast restaurant experiences an internet outage or other type of networking disruption, the Toast platform detects the connection loss and automatically places the affected devices in offline mode. An offline status dialog provides information on the cause of the disruption. When the network connection is restored, the Toast platform automatically returns the device to online mode.


Keep in mind that one device can be in offline mode while other devices are online. For example, if you take a handheld device on a delivery run, the device will go into offline mode as soon as you are out of Wi-Fi range, but the device returns to online mode when it is again within the restaurant's Wi-Fi coverage area. In this scenario, the offline mode limitations listed in this section apply only to that device, but not to the other online devices in the restaurant.

For more information about specific offline behavior, see: