Toast platform access types

Restaurant employee access to the Toast platform's components is categorized into two groups:

  • Administrative

  • Non-administrative

Depending on their access type, employees use different credentials to access the Toast platform's software and hardware components.

The following table includes information about the access types and their credential type and uses.

Access type Credential type Used for signing into


Email address and password

  • Toast Web

  • Toast POS devices


4+ digit POS access code

Toast POS devices


The POS access code sign in page on a Toast POS device is visible only after an administrative restaurant employee signs into the device using their email address and password.

The following diagram shows the Toast platform access types.

Diagram showing an administrative user logging in to both Toast Web and a Toast POS device using an email and password. Diagram also shows a non-administrative user logging in to a Toast POS device using a passcode.