Menus webhook

The menus webhook sends a message when a restaurant that uses your integration has published a change to its menus. The message payload includes the GUID of the affected restaurant and a timestamp for when the restaurant last published its menus. Having this information allows your integration client to request a new menu, keeping your integration in sync with the Toast platform. The menus webhook is the preferred method for determining if the menu data you have for a restaurant has gone stale.

If you are using the menus webhook, Toast support recommends also polling the /metadata endpoint of the menus API every 30 minutes. This provides a backup in case your integration misses a message from the menus webhook. The /metadata endpoint provides an alternative method for determining if a restaurant has published changes to its menu. Using the /metadata endpoint, you can retrieve the most recent date and time that a restaurant's menu was published. For more information on the /metadata endpoint, see Determining if a restaurant's menu data has gone stale.

When a message is published to your webhook endpoint for the menus event category, the eventCategory value is set to menus. Currently, menus_updated is the only eventType for the menus event category. For details on the payload for this event type, see menus_updated.


A restaurant that uses your integration has published a change to its menus.

Attributes in the menus_updated event's payload include:

Value Description


A unique Toast POS identifier for the restaurant whose menu has changed.

data type: string

format: uuid


The most recent date and time that the menus for this restaurant were published. This timestamp is in the UTC time zone (not the restaurant's local timezone). The date and time are expressed in ISO 8601 format.

data type: string

Payload example for the menus_updated event

    "timestamp": ā€œ2019-09-16T21:01:53.685Zā€,
    "eventCategory": "menus",
    "eventType": "menus_updated",
    "guid": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
    "details": {
        "restaurantGuid": "00000000-1111-2222-3333-444444444444",
        "publishedDate": "2021-10-06T20:11:01.737Z"