Webhook basics

This section uses the following webhook terms and concepts:

Term Definition


A Web-based callback that allows the Toast platform to push updates (also known as webhook events) to webhook consumers, reducing or eliminating the need to poll a Toast API.

Webhook URL

The URL of a webhook consumer service that is capable of receiving webhook events from the Toast platform.

Event category

A Toast-defined classification for the type of events a webhook sends. For example, the partners event category sends webhook events related to the addition or removal of partner integrations to a restaurant location.

Event type

A Toast-defined name for a specific type of webhook event, for example, a partner_added or partner_removed event.

Event GUID

An identifier for the specific webhook event that is generated by the Toast platform.

Webhook subscription

Maintained by Toast support, a webhook subscription associates a webhook endpoint with an event category. This defines the type of webhook events that will be sent to the webhook endpoint. A webhook endpoint may be associated with multiple event categories.

Webhook secret

A secret passphrase generated when a webhook subscription is created. The passphrase is used to sign the contents of a message posted to the endpoint associated with the webhook subscription. See Message signing.

The secret key is unique for each webhook subscription within an environment. For example, a stock webhook subscription has a different secret key than a partner webhook subscription for the same integration partner and within the same environment. For more information about webhook subscriptions, see Webhook basics. For more information about Toast API environments, see Environments.