Toast maintains and provides continuous access to multiple, independent service environments for use by API integration clients during development, testing, and production. These environments are:

The Toast integrations team periodically announces maintenance periods for which a service may be read only or unavailable.

You must register a separate API client account for each environment. See Toast API accounts.

Sandbox environment

The sandbox environment is intended for partner development and testing of Toast API integrations in a realistic setting. As with production, sandbox environment public APIs are versioned and fully functional. The sandbox environment has mock payment processing.

You need the hostname of the sandbox environment to send REST requests to sandbox API services. You receive the hostname for the sandbox environment from the Toast integrations team when you begin to build your integration. When your integration is approved to go live, you receive the hostname for the production environment.

The sandbox environment is always available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time (UTC -5:00/-4:00). Outside of those hours, the sandbox environment might be unavailable to complete upgrades and other maintenance activities.

You can download a version of the Toast POS app installer (an Android APK installer file) that is configured to connect to the sandbox environment. The sandbox APK link changes periodically when the sandbox environment is upgraded.

Use the link below to download the Toast POS app installer. Use the installer version that is compatible with the Toast restaurants you are testing your integration with. You can find the Toast POS app version for a restaurant in the Required app version for [restaurant] value at the bottom of Toast Web pages for the restaurant.

Production environment

The production environment is the live Toast platform environment. You can use the production environment after your integration testing is complete. Production environment API access is rate limited.

To send REST requests to production API services, you need the hostname of the production environment. You receive the hostname for the production environment when your integration is approved to go live.