Adding a guest record

To manually create a guest record without placing an order or swiping a credit card, you can use the Lookup Customer function on a Toast POS device. After you search the database, you can add a record.

To add a guest record you must have the Manager access permission. Then, follow these steps.

  1. Log on to a Toast POS device.

  2. Under Manager Activities select Lookup Customer.

  3. Enter a telephone number or tap Name/Email to enter a name or email address, and then tap the magnifying glass icon to search for an existing guest record.

    An option to add a record appears regardless of whether the system finds any matches for your search term.

  4. Select Add New Customer.

  5. Enter the guest's first name, last name, and 10-digit telephone number. You can also enter an email address.

  6. Select Add.