Guest data overview

The Toast platform stores information about your guests and uses it to create a searchable database. The Toast platform automatically saves guest information in the database every time you:

  • Use a credit card to pay a guest check or preauthorize a tab

  • Create an order for delivery or takeout using a Toast POS device or the orders API

  • Create a guest record using the Toast CRM (customer relations management) API. For more information, see Working with guests (deprecated).

  • Complete any other action that transmits information about guests to the Toast platform. For example, the guest information stored on gift cards is added to the Toast platform when you import gift cards

The Toast platform stores the following information about guests:

  • First or given name

  • Last or family name

  • The last four digits of a credit card number

  • Ten-digit telephone number

  • An email address

  • Delivery address(es)

  • Order history, including the date, total amount spent, and items ordered on each check