Data export files overview

You can get information about the operations of your Toast POS restaurants from data export files. You can configure your restaurant to export data files on an automated schedule. The data export files include the following data types.


  • Order Details

  • Payment Details

  • Item Selection Details

  • Modifier Selection Details

  • Kitchen Details

  • Cash Management

  • Product Mix (All Items)


  • Time Entries


  • Accounting


  • Menu

You can also manually download this information from the Reports section of the Toast administration back-end.

The Toast POS system generates data export files after the closeout hour that you configure for a restaurant. In general, the system generates data export files within one hour. By default, the closeout hour for a restaurant is 04:00 a.m. in the local time zone. Export files contain the data for the previous business day.


The Toast POS system does not generate data export files for sites that are pending activation.