Configuring Exports

If you have the Data Export Config permission, you can modify the data export setup for your restaurant or restaurant group. This permission gives you access to the Data Exports configuration page in Toast's administration back-end. If the restaurant you are currently viewing is part of a restaurant group, the export configurations you define on this page apply to all restaurants in that group.


If your restaurant or restaurant group is not configured to generate data export files, you must contact customer support to set up your data export access before you can configure your exports.

On the Data Exports page, you see a list of exportable data types, for example, Orders, Checks, Payments, and so on. To include a data type in your export, click the Enabled option for the data type. When you click Enabled, a list of columns associated with that data type is shown, allowing you to include or exclude the specific data you need for the data type. Toggle the inclusion of a column by clicking the green check mark next to it. Note that a data type's columns are not displayed unless the data type itself is enabled.

Configuring the Order of Data Export Columns

You can reorder the columns in each data type by selecting the grid box in the far left column and moving it up or down into place. The order of the columns in the data export file reflects the order you arrange in the Toast administration back-end.

The following reports contain formatting that do not allow for columns to be reordered:

  • Accounting Data Export

  • Menu Data Export