Downloading data export files

The Toast POS system stores data export files in Amazon® Simple Storage Service® (Amazon S3) for seven days, after which they are deleted. When you enable data exports for your restaurant group, Toast support will provide the following information that you can use to retrieve data export files:

  • User name

  • S3 access key ID

  • S3 secret access key

  • Restaurant numbers

There are several clients that you can use to retrieve files from Amazon S3, both graphical and command line. The examples in this document use the Amazon Command Line Interface (CLI) client. See information about using the Amazon CLI at

Export files are stored in Amazon S3 according to the following directory naming convention:

s3://restaurant-exports/[username]/[restaurant #]/[yyyymmdd]/[data export file name]

The following example shows the name of a menu data export file.


The following example Amazon CLI commands download the menu data export file for a restaurant.

  • List the restaurant folders for your user name.

    aws s3 ls s3://restaurant-exports/testexportuser/
  • List the contents of the directory for one restaurant.

    aws s3 ls s3://restaurant-exports/testexportuser/123/
  • List the contents of the directory for one day.

    aws s3 ls s3://restaurant-exports/testexportuser/123/20170101/
  • Retrieve a single data export file.

    aws s3 cp \
    s3://restaurant-exports/testexportuser/123/20170101/MenuExport_4721c7a9-9130-4fcd-b4be-b2dae287c2b3.json .