Loyalty program integration overview

You can use the Toast loyalty integration API to integrate your loyalty program with the Toast platform.

Integration overview

  • Toast POS restaurant employees can select a Rewards button while processing a guest transaction. The Rewards button prompts the employee to find the guest's loyalty account. Employees can manually enter a guest's loyalty account identifier, swipe a guest’s rewards card, scan a QR code, or search for a loyalty account by name, phone number, or email.

  • After the employee finds a guest's loyalty account, rewards that are available are displayed along with a Redeem button.

  • The employee selects the Redeem button for a reward. The reward appears as a negative amount in the check price.

    The employee selects Redeem for additional rewards if the guest wants to redeem them.

  • Rewards can apply either check-level or item-level discounts.

  • You manage all validation logic and discount totals on behalf of your restaurant client.

  • Accruing rewards happens asynchronously after the restaurant guest pays the check.

  • You provide information about loyalty program use to the restaurants you work with. For example, information about rewards offers used and sales information related to those offers.


Toast loyalty integration API integrations are not supported when a restaurant experiences an Internet outage or other network disruption. When a restaurant does not have a functioning network, it is in offline mode. For more information, see Offline mode overview.


Toast Loyalty balances cannot be retrieved using the Toast APIs.