Calculating net sales using the orders API

The reports in the Toast administration back-end include net sales values. You can also use amount values from the orders API to calculate the net sales.

What is net sales?

Net sales is the total price paid by guests for menu item selections and services. Net sales includes:

  • Prices of the menu item selections.

  • Discounts that were deducted from menu item selections and checks.

  • Non-gratuity service charges that were added to checks.

Net sales does not include:

  • Taxes or other amounts that are paid to other entities, such as gratuity service charges and credit card tips.

  • Voided menu item selections, checks, and orders.

  • Deleted checks and orders.

  • Purchases of gift cards or house account payments.

How to calculate net sales

Here is an overview of the process to calculate net sales for a group of orders:

  1. Use the Get multiple orders request to retrieve the orders that were opened during the period of time that you want to do the calculation for.

  2. Calculate the net sales values for each order.

  3. Sum the order net sales values to get the total net sales.

During the calculation:

  • Exclude orders and checks where voided is true.

  • Exclude orders and checks where deleted is true.

To calculate net sales for an order

  1. Within a check, calculate the net sales amount for each menu item selection.

    Exclude the following menu item selections:

    • Menu item selections where voided is true.

    • Menu item selections where displayName is Gift Card.

    For the applicable menu item selections:

    1. Get the preDiscountPrice value for the menu item selection.

    2. Subtract the sum of Discount.nonTaxableDiscountAmount.

  2. Sum the net sales amounts for the menu item selections in a check. This is the initial check net sales value.

  3. Add the non-gratuity service charge amounts to the check net sales value.

    1. In the check, sum ServiceCharge.chargeAmount.

      Exclude service charges where gratuity is true.

    2. Add that total to the check net sales value.

  4. Subtract check-level discounts from the check net sales value.

    1. In the check, sum Discount.nonTaxableDiscountAmount.

    2. Subtract that total from the check net sales value.

  5. Sum the check net sales values for the checks in the order.