Working with restricted orders

A restricted order is an order that has been closed for a long enough period of time that it is unlikely to need to be reopened or to require further editing. For example, at your location it would be very unlikely that you would change an order that was opened, paid for, and closed 90 days ago.

When the configured time period has elapsed for a closed order, the Toast platform automatically marks the order as restricted. The order state is still closed. The restricted status is separate.

Diagram showing the transition from closed to restricted.

Identifying a restricted order in the order details

On the order details for a restricted order, a lock icon appears next to the order number.

The Order Details dialog for a restricted order, with the lock icon next to the order number.

Available options for restricted orders

You cannot change the status of a restricted order to unrestricted.

You cannot send restricted orders to devices or reopen checks on restricted orders.

You can refund restricted checks that were paid for with credit card, cash, or Toast gift cards. You cannot refund restricted checks that were paid for with house accounts, third-party gift cards, or Other Payment types. For more information, see Refund permissions and limitations.

If necessary, Toast support can make the following changes to a restricted order:

  • Edit the number of guests.

  • Edit the revenue center.

Restaurant employees cannot make these changes.

Viewing the timeframe configuration for restricted orders

The time period after which a closed order becomes restricted is configured by the Toast platform. You cannot change this setting. The current value for this setting is 90 days.

You can view the setting value. You must have the Account Admin > Financial Accounts access permission.

To view the setting, in Toast Web, choose Toast account > Financial Setup. The setting is Restricted Check Period.