Displaying additional details about an order

The order details dialog on the Orders report provides links to additional information and order actions, including:

The order details panels on the Order details report do not contain any links.

From the order details dialog in the Orders report, you can display the following additional information:

Update history

The View Update History link is displayed next to the order identifier.

You can only display the update history for orders that were opened within the last 14 days.

This option opens an auditing report that provides details about the selections made on specific POS devices.

Guest details

If the order identifies a specific guest, then a detail link displays next to the guest name. When you click detail, the Customer Details dialog displays.

The Customer Details dialog provides information about this guest's experience at your location, including:

  • The total and average amounts spent

  • The number of visits

  • The date of the last visit

  • Visit details

Menu item configuration

On the order details dialog, the menu items are linked to the item configuration.

When you click the menu item name, a separate browser tab opens to the configuration page for the menu item.

Rewards card details

If a rewards card was used for the order, then the order details include a link to the reward card details.

The Reward Card Details dialog includes the guest's contact information, reward points balance, and transactions.